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This Summer I...

I will warn you... I'm about to say those four words that NO ONE wants to here so if this may cause you to hate me forever, I advise you to leave... SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER! :( The majority of people are sad... depressed... wondering how summer went by so fast that they didn't get that one thing that they said they would do, done.... but I am proud to say that this summer has been one of the best yet! Of course I don't want to go back to school, but I'm proud to say that I accomplished something in those months off! This summer I auditioned for American Idol and The Voice, I was able to get my demo package finished, I was a finalist in The Nashville Connection, and I won a local singing competition! Now I'm sure you all are probably thinking, "What in the world is a demo package??" Well basically it's a folder all about an artist. It contains an 8 by 10 photo, CD demo, business card, and a query letter. The main reason for these is for anyone that you give them to, to remember you, instead of just handing them a demo like anyone else would (a valuable tip given to me from Robert Hoefer, my vocal coach). The reason I made these was so that I would do just that, stand out. I went to The Nashville Connection at the beginning of this summer, which is basically this competition (that also offers workshops with some of Nashville's finest) for singers and/or songwriters located here in Greenville. You have to send in one of your songs to be able to be selected to compete, and I was one of the lucky few selected! Even though I didn't win, I met so many people all from this area who have been doing this MUCH longer than I have and they all gave me VERY valuable tips! Anyways, so I also attended the workshops for The Nashville Connection, and the people running them were the ones I gave my demo package to! At the beginning of this summer, I auditioned for a local singing competition, Greer Idol Teen. This competition involved me singing in front of anyone who came out, EVERY Friday night. As you can see, this pretty much made it impossible to take any family vacations :( ... but all of my hard work must have paid off because in the end I won the whole thing! Along with being named the 2012 Greer Teen Idol, I was also given a massive $500 check! I'm still so thankful to everyone who voted for me and to everyone who came out to support me each week! After Greer Idol was finished, my family (minus my older sister who is interning in France, and my dad who is deployed to Afghanistan) was able to take a short vacation! Our trip ended up being a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas! It was such a fun and relaxing week, and I also met some amazing people! As you can probably tell, there was never a dull moment in my summer! So how was yours?? Any crazy memories? Fun trips? Embarrassing moments? I wanna know!! Comment/Reply below! Stay posted for more info on upcoming shows, new songs, or even new blogs!! Have a great last week of summer!! (Sorry for mentioning it....again.) :) -Megan