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shots and goggles

digging thru recorded archives of the last 9 years, remixing, re-editing, adding, subtracting; making a "new" record, I hope.Inheritance, THAT Damned Band, other collaborators-- As I write for a real new one.-- samples coming soon

Spring Break in Big Bend~

Big Bend for Spring Break? Tonight, begins my TXBB tour! (Texas by Big Bend...) Tuesday March 10 @ Thirsty Goat Saloon, Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa Friday March 13 @ Gage Hotel, Marathon Saturday March 14 @ Stargazer Concert, Lajitas Sunday March 15 @ Starlight Theatre, Terlingua Tuesday March 17 @ Thirsty Goat Saloon, Lajitas (w/ Steve Bernal on cello!) Thursday March 19 @ Lost Horse Saloon, Marfa (w/ Steve Bernal--) Friday March 20 @ Starlight Theatre, Terlingua (w/Steve Bernal--) Hope to see you spring breakers... smile emoticon


one of my favorite things about my current state of affairs is the opportunites I get to play duo gigs with some brilliant players and singers-- posting some scratchy recordings of the gig I did with Sick in New Orleans last Saturday-- playing with Ginny Mac in FTW in two weeks, and I hope to record that one too--sifting thru the files I'm gathering, deciding what field recordings will wind up on my collection I'm culling...

Recording has begun!

First day of tracking in Rob Halverson's Halversonics Studio today-- w/ the mighty Dony Wynn on skins and sharkers of all types-- thanks to Mark Rubin for the loan of his cherry National resonator-- tomorrow, Will Landin plays tuba on two tracks-- so far, so good--

Solo recordings commencing--

alright, alright, alright! Tracking begins for a new solo album, all new songs-- at Rob Halverson's Halversonic's Studio-- many of the current suspects will be involved. Shooting for the fall, but taking our time-- yes. Gratitude.

solo page!

yo, everybodys, here's a page to keep up with my solo shows-- thanks!