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Varsity Club Gig - Oshkosh

Can't wait to jam at The Varsity Club in Oshkosh with our great friends Pudge! You are going to want to see this!

More New Material

We are so excited to be continuing work on new original songs. Some of you really loved "Don't Change Your Mind", and I know you're going to love what else we have in store!

Time in the Studio

Just had a blast with Cory Baker at Full Spectrum Studios in Fond du Lac. Our latest single "Don't Change Your Mind" will be hitting your ears soon! We can't wait to share it with you.

The Light Rig

Just played a great show at Backstage Bar & Grill, but the real jewel of the performance was the light show! WOW Sound and Light Solutions is amazing. We will have to add more lights to the rig to achieve such awesomeness.

KIT21 Artist of The Month

Hey everybody!!! We have been selected as a featured artist of the month by KIT21 internet magazine. click http://kit21.com/harry-right-the-wannabees/ to check it out. Big thanks to KIT21.

ITunes Baby!!!!

We are very excited to have "The Special EP" available on ITunes. Next time you are looking for music give us a search and check it out. It is pretty cool!!!

The Special EP is Done!!!

The cds are done being manufactured!!! We are excited to copies into the hands of fans and friends.

Pressing The EP

Now that the three EP tracks have been mixed and mastered it is time to press them! We are very excited to get this out!

Booked the Sessions!!

On October 20th we will be in the studio for the first session of our EP. It should be ready for fans ears in November!!!! We are crazy excited and hope you are too!

Found a Studio!

We have decided to record with Full Spectrum Studios in Fond Du Lac!!! Now to get in and lay some tracks!!!