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Thanks so much for No.1 on Reverbnation.com National Rock Charts ! http://facebook.com/davidallenrecrime THANK YOU !!!

ReverbNation Ranking

Thank you so much to all my friends and fans for first position on the local rock charts on ReverbNation.com again, really much appreciated! You rock my sunday!

ReverbNation Ranking

Thank you to all my friends and fans who support me and keep me faithful! You all been great, thank you so much! Like my page on Facebook and Twitter too . http://facebook.com/davidallenrecrime https://twitter.com/Soundsource68 Keep on Rockin David Allen

Singer Wanted-Sänger Gesucht !

For more Informations send a message on: davidallenrock@hotmail.com http://www.youtube.com/v/vixvOuGpPsY Für mehr Informationen schreibt mir auf: davidallenrock@hotmail.com http://www.youtube.com/v/vixvOuGpPsY

Wanted Singer/Band !

Wanted Singer or Band with ambitions! ******************************************* Right here right now in Germany / Hessen / Darmstadt . All information on: http://facebook.com/davidallenrecrime Songs on: http://soundcloud.com/soundsourcestudio Mail: davidallenrock@hotmail.com

Reverbnation News from David Allen

Thank you so much, for the first chart Position again on Local rank at Reverbnation !

My BizCard


My BizCard


Thank you all !!!

To be number 1 on the local charts on Reverbnation again !

Thank you all......

....for the nice comments on my wall !!! wish you a great Rockin 2014 . David