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I'm not a songwriter, I'm a dreamer


I uncovered some of my music I recorded along time ago on my 4-track recorder given to me by John Gill probably 12 years ago. I don't know what was going through my head back then that said "wow I really have a knack for songwriting" because some of this is quite bad. But I remember spending alot of time pushing buttons trying to get the perfect takes on this contraption that even back then was out dated. I remember alot of what was and what wasn't happening in my life and how getting lost in words, rhythms, and this machine was all I had. So twelve years later, here I am still writing songs in better form I must say, and playing those songs along side talented musicians instead of click tracks and other poorly written and executed instrumental parts and terrible sounding casio style drum machines. The amount of passion I have for this is really beyond my own comprehension. I'm not a songwriter, I'm a dreamer.-James


You'll always be my addiction, my heart is wrapped and bound by chains By destiny by conviction, until we sleep in the bed that we make

Crash Landings

Turn the page, paper waves...licks her fingertips and guides them with her hands tore us together and brought us apart until we sleep in the bed that we make. Blankets making butterflies and with a brand new moon watcher of the oceans she whispers and they part.There's a thin line between love and hate and that's the reason why I'm leaving on the first plane out of this place I'll send you my good buys if you really need them.......