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The Elephant of surprise...

As we wend our way toward Friday's show, we have a guest bassist joining us. Clue He don' need no badgers! Should be nice...

Das Boot n Shoe

Played The Boot and Shoe Inn at Greystokes near Penrith, Cumbria on 10/05/15, grand place, grand people and grand food and drink.

Will it be nine Daddy?

On Sunday 25th September 2005 at The Beer House Public house on Angel Street in Manchester, a band (accidentally), named Blue Slickers performed (for free!), for the first time, and I was there. The line up was Jeff Fisher on Bass, Martin De Garis on Guitar, Slinger Ingham on Guitar, Barry Scho' on Drums and Garret Lee on Mouth and trousers. Eight and bit years later Blue Slickers are still performing. I know in these times of Rolling stones having played for fifty odd years and other bands including new boys U2 (only 30 odd years), nine years doesn’t seem a long time but I think it’s a substantial amount of time for an unfinanced and unchampioned group of musicians to bash, carry and thump their way through and although the line up has changed a little over the last nine years the current and most settled line up of Grouch, Barrington, Slinger and bass man BBJ are easily one of the best combination of Guitar, bass, Drums and vocal’s that you can see on a regular basis in the Greater Mancunian and Cheshire area today. Blue Slickers will be at The Rising Sun, Hazel Grove, Stockport on May 16th, and I’ll be there to see them once again, I asked Grouch (Garret), about the upcoming anniversary this year and if they will celebrate nine years of as he puts it “Getting away with it” And he said, “It feels better than it ever has on stage with these three lovely bozo’s, nobody has dropped out for a while and as long as everyone keeps turning up and nothing drops off then we’ll see if we make it to nine years in September 2014, it’d be nice to do ten years or more in Blue Slickers but one never knows what’s waiting for one in the leathery, feathery wings of life does one old bean?” I’ll let you know if anything drops off…. Barry Turner

Rising Sun...

Mulder and Sculley find that Blue Slickers can be both rum and uncanny in this Christmas special on 13/12/13

"Hollywood Incident"

Blue Slickers are looking forward to the "Hollywood Incident" which will occur this Saturday night in Bolton...see listings for details!

new dates

"Blue Slickers" at THe Rising Sun 13 December at 20:00 Stockport, UK "Blue Slickers" at Hollywood Sports and Social Club 30 November at 20:00 Bolton, UK

If it wasn't for the...

I sucked everything in and held my breath, as the large animal passed by it spat unknowingly on my shoe, I heard a noise like someone clapping their hands and it dropped dead at me feet spraying me with blood, Dylan had shot it in the head…

Barre Le Thoomp

Our Drummer Barrington is now home,responding well, thanks to all who sent thier good wishes they are appreciated by Barry,his family and band. X


Gig At Steamhouse is next February 1st; great venue good crowd come down and have some new year fun!

And it was...

Huge appreciation for the Steamhouse staff and audience last night from the Slickers, great gig, great reaction. See you soon! Blue Slickers