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Light Breaks Through

Day and Night Moon and Sky walking and wandering through these endless landscapes

Today I let the darkness fall out of the old wounds placed on my heart and soul

No longer will it cloud my mind of who I truly am

No Longer will it feed my fears or my doubts

I let each drop drain from me for I no longer give it power over me

My light is peaking through the stormy clouds

It is breathe taking and beautiful

The greatest peace I will ever know

I wish to show others so they too may grow

Grow pass the old false self , false lies that were told, the old hates that don’t belong to this world

Bringing into being These wounded healers of Wisdom and Love

Let this be the last generation of wounded healers.

Let The light and love pouring from the hearts of these BRAVE souls be the birth of a new World

Where there is No Hungry , No Hurt, No War, No Hate, No Bullies, No Cant, No Disease, No Sickness

It is in Our darkest Hour The Light finds Away

In our sadness time Compassion heals ALL

Oh Warriors of the Rainbow and daughters and sons of Light and Love

Your time has Arrived , for there is no greater time then this Moment here


Tug & Pull

I would Never hurt you, No matter what They say! It’s not true I tell you! I will never hurt you, just come over here and walk this way Don’t Listen to those rumors I am standing right here before now you yet your so far way And you Look at me And I look at you From Across the Way

Chorus- Nails Running down My back And The Sound Of Soft Quick Little Smack And Push and Tug And I Let you hold me up to the Sun Where we have Our Fun…

I will Never Hurt you Despite this camouflage I show Myself in And you see me and walk away… This Could have all been your, this could have all been your, right now baby.

Chorus- Nails Running down My back And The Sound Of Soft Quick Little Smack And we Pull and Tug And I am going to give you something, You never forget….

Oh yeah-

mmm— Painting Stories in sand of my dreams We could have been so great together , ohohohoh But you didn’t listen , you rather believe those lies And now your soo alone Dancing shadows on my heart ohhhh yeah…

Chorus- Nails Running down My back And The Sound Of Soft Quick Little Smack And we Pull and Tug Hold me in your arms And you never let me go…. But you DID…. I Will never Hurt you But you hurt me

1/10/12- my super sexy fox blog lol not

So I am super hyped and happy about my new rock band Releasing the Past. The songs are great some of them super serious and some not soo much! LOL But That's whats important is balance. These song are coming from a good place and I am getting lots of love. Which i return 10 folded. You have to dream bigger then you.

Everyday is a chance to think of others To work a path that was great then the day before. Trusting in a higher and greater goal.

So the singles being released from : Releasing The Past I am completely happy with and cant want to share them with the world. I will keep you all in my heart and updated.

Love Always before anything else-

Fox Duque