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The love and support that is starting is real cool. There is really a lot of work to do. Right now we are doing some market testing and working to generate support. The album release will be sometime summer 2011.

The goal at this point is to generate a following and a buzz.

I know it is difficult for some to offer support, bu tin reality I have enough contacts right now to get it going. But I need all of them engaged.

That is the key getting the people that you already know behind you while you pull in more. I know its a numbers game. I have to reach hundreds of thousands to get 10 or 20.

the journey

We are freshh out the womb. With an understanding that the journey is long and difficult, I could be me with out music. It's hard wired to the fabric of my being.

The numbers will come. Meanwhile, I'm consentrating on thr buisness and the music.

Mega Out

The Grind

Mo 2 It is on the Grind promoting the new Single Keep it right There

The jump Off Mini EP

The Jump Off Mini EP its official