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Recording our Start a Change EP at Haus of Kraus in Ft. Collins, Colorado

Getting into the studio last Friday night, most of us had no idea what to expect from our first recording experience. From the outside of the Studio, there was no way of knowing what beauty lied inside. The space was tight, but we were happy to call it home for the weekend and got right to work Friday night tracking three songs nearly to completion. Kris, our producer, was amazing and worked really well with our vision for the album. Tracking was finished earlier than expected Saturday night, so we all went out for drinks in Ft. Collins to celebrate. Sunday was spent lying on the floor of the studio listening to Kris make our music into magic. The weekend was truly magical on the whole, being a dream-come-true for everyone in Cold River City. We left Sunday evening happy, exhausted, and excited with talk of new songs, next albums, and future tours all the way back to Boulder. -Oz