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the subcutaneous camoflauge of too long sparks

So. Your curiosity or utter boredom has brought you to the blog portion of this page. You seek a more intimate look at too long sparks. What is it and why does it sound that way? At this moment, too long sparks is eating pistachios and drinking a Rainier tall boy while a Beatles documentary plays in the background. The snoring partner of too long sparks lay beside him sawing log after dreamy log. A kitten has just returned from the woods after an encounter with a skunk and has been barred from reentering the bedroom. There are bats looping through the porch light and a bear rustling in the apple tree. Elk eyes dot the bush, reflecting the headlights of a late night traveler on our lone road. We left the city when leaving the city wasn't cool. We left the city because we could. Our term in this sleepy little valley seems like a time to unfold a little, before finding another metropolis to scorn. It won't be long. My ukulele has horns. It has a devil in it who eats paper swans and speaker wire. There is no time for pineapples and hula dancing. too long sparks and his sleepy partner are devising a rendezvous with a city beneath the Southern Cross...