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The Liz Nance Trio

Thank you Bradley Noble for adding the heartbeat to our music!

hand's cramping....

....from all the writing. that's right. with the new year came a new dose of inspiration and motivation. we are so excited for the opportunities we've been given. played first show of year this week and debuted a bunch of new material. it went over really well. just finished another tonight. keep 'em comin' !

on the road again

i just can't wait. like the song says. we have been in GA the last two weekends. now two weeks at home in BC to love on our cat, see our friends and play in the worship band at the grove church! then it's (hopefully) two more weeks on the road. look out lexington, NC. and if the car's still got life, look out charleston! love ya. hope to see you soon!


We are currently recording our first cd as a duo at Lakehouse Music in Asheville, NC. The release is set for early June.

Liz Nance (then Liz Petty) released an independent album in 2006 entitled "Truth in Demo Sessions". It was self-produced and sold at a few small music stores throughout Georgia and Western North Carolina.