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5 Dolla Billy, to Humpty (Josh Lackey), to Steven, to Kevin, and to Forrest Cedia. All my fallen homies throughout the years. You shall be and are missed dearly and think I speak for everyone who knew you all. Peace homies, see you when God calls me up there.

New Project

Working on a new LP called "The Macabre" Not sure when it will be finished and released but I'll keep you all updated.

Phalanx LP

The album is finally finished and I'm, for real, exhausted. Takes a lot of work to print your own labels, record, edit and master your own tracks and still have time to sleep lol.

Still Number One!!!

I lost my spot for a while but still stayed in the top 3, now I'm rank 1 again. Who in this damn city wants to battle officially?! I'm down to destroy any rapper who wants to take my offer?


Who wanna battle me?! I been sending invintations for a local battle, no one says shit, quiet as a mouse. Let's get a battle ground set up in Eugene, $5.00 entry for performers, and 67% of prize money goes to the winner, 25% to 2nd place and 18% to 3rd place. Holla!


Yes, there are several rappers in this city that I am dealing with. Each for fair reason and I'ma put them all on blast.

Record Sell Out!

Every copy of "The Dark Cellar" has been sold. "Phalanx LP" is still available but dropping like hotcakes so get at me for a copy while you can...

Phalanx LP and The Dark Cellar double release!

To make it up to my patient fans, I have released 2 Lp's. Hollar if you want your copies. They're going fast.

Phalanx LP

Working really hard to get it complete on schedule but it's looking late it will be late. Sorry to the fans who were hoping to buy it. It'll be soon though...

Y'all Are Weaksauce!!!

Hey, check it out. I'm rank 1 in Eugene and it don't mean shiiiiit!. I'm formalizing a battle between myself and anyone who thinks they got what it takes! Meet me at Washington/Jefferson park and let's see what you got. $5 dollars per person. Winner takes 80% second place takes 15% and 3rd place takes 5%. Judegement will be by audience. Be there or suck your owen penis!