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Do i really dig ya music??

I like taking the time to jump on people page to see who thier listening to, some people pick or fan peoples page because they look good , & they thats all cool & all but if i fanned you it was because i actually liked your music , all artist on here are works in progress so to be able to see people post new songs & grow as a artist im all for it , creativly there are no such things as mistakes because it took guts to even put the energy behind getting it done so shouts out to all the artist !!! Keep sharpening ya craft & keep the music coming we all growing & its a beautiful thing God Bless !! Kyra LaShawn

Integrity to the craft.

It is so much amazing talent on reverbnation right here in my local area i check the charts and see that Christian Hip-Hop is alive & well , it is my prayer that everybody who hears my music can take a second to listen to what im sayin before making assumptions , my studio routine goes as follows I pray ask God to give me the words to say look up the bible verses for all my songs study & go to work from there , i love doing this & i have a responsiblity to study & show myself approved I pray all the artist have integrity to the craft .

Background on me .....

My name is Kyra LaShawn im from Flint Michigan , Born and raised , But I now reside in Dallas , Tx , so it makes me a pretty interesting person to see that I have a Michigan demenor with a down south swag, I came to down south to do music and I had no idea that I would be doing Gospel rhythm and praise and Gospel rap , When I got saved God saved my music as well !!!! Im so blessed to be able to come from a hardcore gansta rap and r&b background to bringing that same energy & intensity to lifting up Jesus name and letting people know with out him I never would have made it , I just want people to be able to get a word and a message that God loves us through any situation and circumstance and I been through some pretty rough situations and the Lord has been faithful in keeping me time and time again , no matter what . Me, by no means am I perfect , I got a long way to go but at the same time God has brought me so far since I decided to give my life to following Christ , Alot of people think once you get saved you can't do anything anymore but that's not true , if anything once you get saved God smooths out your rough edges and starts giving you your hearts desires but it ain't always easy to stop you gotta wanna change some habit's you fade right out of somethings take time to be delivered from so by no means do I judge nobody , if it was'nt for people having problems Jesus would'nt have gave his life for me and you in the first place , As a christian we're supposed to minister and music is my way of handling that so sit back enjoy , I hope my music is a blessing to all that hear it . God Bless you ! Ms. Kyra LaShawn .. .