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Looking for a drummer

Zero Buffalo is currently looking for a drummer to record in the studio. For now, this is a studio project but plan to hit the scene again at some point in the future.

Must have following qualifications: - If you live in or near Denton, TX, or have your own recording capabilities to record remotely. - Must have your own drum kit and be able to jam with the tunes you hear on this site. - Must enjoy the music and be willing to contribute ideas for the drums.

*we can schedule a tryout in our studio or we can send you some tracks to record a video and send back to us.

Contact us for more information!

Still Going!

In case you're wondering, we're not done. We just have to take it slow right now due to complications with life and scheduling right now. Music is still our passion. We're not really gigging right now. We're kinda restricted to being more of a studio internet band at the moment. We'll let you know if that changes.

Tidal Waves remake

Along with the new album, we are plan on re-releasing the Tidal Waves album to have include the new bass and drums, and extra guest studio artists. Man... it sounds SO much better! A few songs are available now. Any not labeled as (Original) are the studio mix of the new versions. We'll keep updating them as they get remixed/mastered.

Reach Out!

The new album, 'Reach Out', is currently under way. It is taking longer than expected. Work, life, scheduling conflicts, etc...

Tidal Waves is complete!

Songs are completed and mastered and now available!

Songs are being mastered

It's official. I submitted my songs on Saturday, June the 2nd to have them mastered. After that I'll be working on distribution and CD artwork. I'll probably keep that artwork simple on this first album. I figure most sales will come via mp3 purchases from Amazon and iTunes. But it's still nice to have a solid, tangible product in your hand... if if I'm the only one with a copy LOL :). It's more of a trophy I suppose.

Zero Buffalo

This album has been kicking my butt! I'm going to make time for sleep once it's completed. I'm also currently working on my first video for the song 'Let Me Be'. If all goes well, I'll be doing a couple more.