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Live 5/18/17 @ Analog Cafe, Portland!


playing live with Justin Symbol and local giants Die Robot

Merch Page Fully Opperational!


hit the "Buy Now" link to navigate to our new merch page feature both albums, t-shirt, stickers and more...t-shirt/CD packages will be up shortly!! All orders come with a free sticker and possibly more!

the disease marches on

Huge thanks to all our friends and fans: we surpassed the 5000 fan mark today!! fuck yeah, huge props to all our supports!


Due to recent hospitalization, I've been unable to personally thank all the new fans and bands who have shown us love and support. This message is for all of you, :[particle_son]: would like to personally thank everyone for all the support you've shown us this year and all the past years we've been at this, without you guys, we wouldn't be here. I'll fill you guys in after my surgery tomorrow and hopefully this will be over. Eternally ~Vex March~ (vocals)

Tweaker remix contest: WE NEED YOUR VOTE


greetings minions! from that URL you can cast your vote for us to remix a track by legendary artist Chris Vrenna! got to meet Chris not long ago and he's a fucking rad guy, this would be an honor to remix a track by Tweaker

new pictures & upcoming shows

now with 77% more Sandi Leeper. Come see us live on February 8th @ The Lovecraft bar in SE Portland doors @ 9pm and NO COVER CHARGE!

New video up now!

Just posted "Binary Opposition" live from The Red Room in Portland, Oregon, if you you weren't there, you missed a damn good show! best $3 anyone could spend!

New Album news

special thanks to all our fans, both new and old, we thank you for sticking by us and patiently awaiting our new album! I (Vex March) will be taking an unexpected hiatus due to illness but shall return shortly \m/ keep spreading our words like a disease

Shows and other endeavors

work is slowly coming along for the new album "Amerikan Genocide" we've current got 3 shows booked with more on the way, you'll definitely get your chance to see us live, if you haven't already!


3 tracks from our new single up for free download! Autographed copies available with limited edition sticker (never to be printed again) for only $5 + s&h