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What was "Lament" 3 years ago

So thinking back in 2012-2013. I wondered to myself. What was the true meaning behind the "Lament" Release. And why it had so many issue between the rushing of the release to the creation that made this unique album. Not to make this a long story. Lament happened to have snowballed into this emotional monster that had so much raw emotions and meaningful songs. Instrumentals that had a hidden message or two. But honestly it was something personal in my mind and feelings. 2011-2012 was the worse years ever. Not to get into details but they almost killed me. I had to write and reflect on the hurt and pain. Depression and suffering from the loss of a few in my life. I was happy to have found a dedication woman who answered the call in need for vocals. It was an instant connection. I would say what this song was about and Kate wound simply feed off of my info and know my feelings in the sounds I created. Some deep and emotional. Some that hit home to myself and Kate. Dream of me was a song about losing your love and never wanting to let go. Knowing they passed on. You want to be with them and the only way to do so was while you were asleep. Wish you Away was also another personal piece about being fooled and manipulated in a relationship I was in. It was hurtful and felt so ashamed of myself. But all I could do was wish them away and hope never to see them ever again simply by the pain that was caused. Phoenix Down was a dedication to my Mother and Brother who passed away. It simply needed no words for the song. The melody and mood that is brought to the table was enough to show the state I was in while writing this song. Shiva, Rose Red, Resolution were all simple instrumental fillers. Shiva with a long story behind it. Skyfall was one that I made and created looooong before the movie and Adele did the track with the same name. So for the record I created it first! Yes I was impressed with the help of Kate. And also William David of Advanced Recording Studio and the great Nikki Holland for work on Skyfall. I wish the release wasn't rushed. I wanted to do more but felt it was time. Some liked it and some never bought it or gave there in site. I feel that the next chapter which may take place in a year or two. Will be more on the positive spin. But you are bound to have a tearjerker or two in the mix. Kate had asked me. " How would we top Lament?" Being #1 on reverb nation in the alternative,electronic charts for 5 weeks. I finally realized something was done right and from the heart. So the question lies!? How will Gardin of Edan top Lament?? With a little time and a bit of silence. The wait will be over and we shall come out with another batch of great songs. Will they be the best or better? It is up to you to decide! I only create and write the songs. Kate does the lyrics. Honestly we will all see!

Michael Ziemba G.O.E.

2015 and beyond

Greetings and hello to all. It was a very quiet year. As a year break was much needed. Yes work has begun on a future release but quickly dissolved. 2015 marked the bands 20 year run. Now it seems that the end is coming. 2013 and 2014 were discussed to be the end. But in 2015 it was rather quiet for us. I believe 2016 may have something in store but we don't want to say for sure. Make no mistake if and when we do return it shall be epic! 2016 will be: The Calm Before The Storm! Happy New Year to all! Be safe and be well to all.

Back to work

Greets to all! I am in the mist of working and re-working on about 18 tracks. Some old unreleased material and some newer tracks from the beginning of the year before the break. And 4 brand new songs being created. So it shall be a very busy couple of months. Sorry for being into hiding. Summers tend to be filled with many surprises and also things that are out of my control. But rest assure I am back and ready to take on the media and the many fans out there once again. WIth Kate Brown by my side and some other surprises. 2015 was not a total loss. But 2016 will be the year the Gardin will Reign once again! Be well and to all. See you in 2016

Something New?!

A wave of new demos are coming. A lot of Instrumentals for the time being but some will be on the new release and some won't. The first demo should be arriving in April. We are hard at work on the new material. Again this will be a three part finale release. The first we are shooting for spring/summer. More news as we get further ahead into our project!

Greets to all

I Michael Ziemba and on behalf of Kate would like to thank you all for a good year. We are looking forward to the New Year and what is in store for the many fans! 2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the band and will see three brand new releases. Including the grand finale of the band with a two part full length to finish the bands career! Several performances are in the works in the local metro area for the summer and fall of 2015. We hope to see you all and will enjoy the new sounds to come! Be well and Happy New Year to all! G.O.E.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of our friends. And family and fans. We want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for. We hope you are all safe and spend great times with your family around you. Be well to all!


Hello everyone. The holiday is coming quickly and just an fyi. We have our new EP out and would make a great edition to your music collection. And it's on sale now on bandcamp.com! Please support all your local And independent musician. Be well to all!

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you to all for our short return into the music world once again. It was a short visit and 4 songs to share to the many out there! We are taking a break until Jan of 2015 and prepare for our grand finale! May will mark the first part of the GOE New release. While in August/Sept we shall go out with our finale second release to mark our 20th year. No reunion will take place but don't fear. We will not go away quietly! Great music is in store for you all. 2015 can't get here fast enough. And again thank you all for the great response on our new Oscillation E.P. And if you haven't heard it yet???? You need to get over to bandcamp and see what your missing! GOE

Oscillation E.P.

Hello to all just a friendly reminder. Our new Single EP Oscillation is available on Bandcamp. Order now!