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Still busting my butt ,but what's the use to be number one on the local charts if no ones willing to go the extra mile ,trying to work two jobs to make ends meet but idk anymore

Working hard!!

Hello,I am still busting my butt in every way possible,I still am wanting to do my thing soon..don't give up on me ... shout out to doc holiday productions for being very patient with me I'm busting my butt to get things done don't worry and give up on me..I haven't forgotten ,just been so busy working and shout out to the artist hub for being my biggest fan,I love you guys and gals I appreciate yalls patience with me on my music,I am doing whatever I can to full fill my hopes and dreams,still writing music too,,don't give up will keep in touch soon,trust me on this!! xoxoxoxox fans


hey yall sorry I have been extremely busy .. hope yall havent forgotten about me.. I haven't forgot about yall...anyways if you have any questions please feel free to ask me anything fans much love for yall.... can't wait for the next few months!!

TalentedKarensWeb Page

http://talented-karenwebs.com I have right many videos and other valuable information on my site so check it out and also if you want to purchase a cd you can.. me and Lee will be working on that part to where fans can buy cd from the website.. if you would like a cd .. just let me know and I will try my best to get back with you as soon as possible..just want to say to all my fans thank you all so much for supporting me it truly means alot and GOD willl richly bless you for doing so :)