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Holy Hiadus Batdude

So the Demo release is soon at hand the bands been on a "Break" for a few months now while we each try and save up some dough for the upcoming rocktrain... our Graphic designer and production head Cody Gagnon has just shown me the art and prototype of the demo... looksbadass...

Our guiatrist Jon tiberi should be returning shortly from new brunswick where he's been tree planting our drummer on the other hand is in Taihland spreading late and loud to the hungry asian massess

in a few weeks we will unite and jam with Skull Fist once again... be there or revoke your loudmouth title and kill yourself because life without heavy metal is shit

What the F@#$

So loudmouths... we here at late and loud headquarters are scheming up our first ever music video... if you wish to appear in it as an extra please leave a comment on our page and let it be known we are also looking for a badass muscle car to appear in the video so spread the word ... Rock the fuck on


Loudmouths... our EP release is soon at hand... the cover art is nearly complete and the CD art is soon to be finished also ... we are in the process of booking a gig at the Canadian Nightclub here in the Sault for the actual release... more info to follow

What's That? ... Haven't had enough yet?

That right folks Late and Loud is getting back together for a show mid-summer to keep your faith alive... we're lookin at rockin the canadian with an unannounced openning act which technically still needs to be booked haha... either way we're gonna rock your socks clean off... and if all goes well you may be recieving our debut EP... the first 10 to sell get signed ...

hello Loudmouths its listening time

check us the hell out we have just posted the final edits of our EP, but dont hold your breath these are only clips... we are currently working on the release date for the full CD with it possibly also releasing on itunes right from the gate haha... give the tunes a listen and give us some feedback... we love our fans

stage 2

so as of next week you should be "hearing" more from us... we will have 5 original tracks for all you loudmouths ... thats 5 mixed/mastered actual professional recordings for your listening pleasure

in the beginning

so we just completed our first local battle of the bands competition, our band has been together and rocking locally for a little over 2 years now... and apparently it has paid off... we were awarded with the best ensemble performance as well as the top prize a.k.a. #1 band .... which granted us some recording time, much needed ... we have 5 songs getting mixed and now we can put 3 more in to complete our debut album... rock on