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Neo Star Nova-Z / Blog

There's a new release a comin'

I am working on releasing a free single here Wednesday. It will have 2 songs form the upcominh album. This time it will be a full length. I said that last time but this time IT REALLY WILL BE. I won't be that crap twice. I don't actually know when this one will be ready but the single is almost finished it will definitely be out Wednesday (maybe Friday if something happens.)

Chaos Trigger EP is released!

Chaos Trigger is available everywhere today!!!

so here are the links

http://neostarnova-z.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-trigger-ep , http://neostarnovaz.aurovine.com/album/chaos-trigger-ep, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/neostarnovaz4 , http://www.amazon.com/Chaos-Trigger-EP/dp/B00C9WYE4U/ref=sr_shvl_album_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1366228218&sr=301-3 , https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chaos-trigger-ep/id633674528

if you are just curious the album can be streamed from http://open.spotify.com/album/7uy5sjYIiVinRfDfhMnzIf, and Last.fm(coming soon) but here's that link anyway http://www.last.fm/music/Neo+Star+Nova-Z

as usual I did everything. if you check out the album be sure to let me know your thoughts good or bad!

Chaos Trigger EP detaila

So I decided to go ahead and release Chaos Trigger as a little EP. The magic was dying and I didn't want to ruin it so it's short and sweet it. It's priced accordingly so I think you will be happy with it. This is my first release under my Solbrioan Records label.

The tracklisting is 1. At This Level 2. Chaos Trigger 3. The Fragmented Path 4. Shining Light 5. Chaos Trigger (Instrumental) 6. Shining Light (Instrumental)

the release date is April 17,2013. It will release through the usual digital outlets (bandcamp, itunes, amazon, aurovine, my shop, etc.and of course spotify and all that.)

as usual I handled everything and I even finalized the artwork myself.

the next release will be more towards the fourth quarter of 2013. But it is quite heavy. It might actually be a full album....but then again I said that last time so who knows (or cares really).

that's all my rambling for now.

Albums rereleasing/changing hands and other stuff

so I am rereleasing material at the moment. This includes both Infinity and Omega Factor. They will be back up on itunes and the rest of those places. I felt the production was on an amateur level....at the time I was ok with how it sounded but as I work on album 3 I decided "No this needs to be improved". Now while you may think it still sounds "amateurish" I am personally happy with the new sound (a whole 2 people may notice the difference).

But as of now both albums are available for $5 on my bandcamp site (neostarnova-z.bandcamp.com) and aurovine site (neostarnovaz.aurovine.com) in full "V2" glory. Btw before I go on the albums are now "finished" to me and with my new monitoring equipment they sound great so there will be no more rereleasing of these albums or the future ones. But of course if you bought it from me you were already given a code and if you bought it elsewhere contact em using the contact form at http://www.brianmichaelwaymire.com and we'll see about getting you a free download of the album(s).. Finally, The albums will be on itunes, Spotify, etc. beginning early march (Infinity Factor) and late March to early April (Omega Factor) of course they are available right this moment again at bandcamp and aurovine (see above)

Furthermore I'm contacting people about remixes and the like as I'm trying to see how many bonus tracks I can rack up on the third record which btw I am working on right now! If you are an electronic musician and are interested...get at me!

Thank you for reading my jabbering -Brian

Reflections of 2012 and to the future!!!

So 2012 was a big year for me. I released my first album "Neo Star Nova-Z - Infinity Factor" and with that I learned how to produce records so now my music career is beginning and can now grow! So with that said in 2 days "Neo Star Nova-Z - Omega Factor" will be released. It is my second record and it is really a 5 song EP with a bunch of bonus tracks but it's priced appropriately and luckily many people agree that it's all worth a listen :) .

So aside form music composing work from 2012 I consistently held work placements which helped me save up money and buy the final music tools I needed (not sounds y'know....mixing tools). And I've been playing some badass video games so my adrenaline is kicking to make badass material and life is that much better!! Thus I'm in a better mental state and really things are running smoothly and I feel much ebtter then in I did in 2012. So 2013 actually won't be that active. I'm gonna release one more Neo Star Nova-Z record and it will be a full album not an EP. Well that's the plan anyway! But I have 2 projects I'm working on (one is the recently announced Solbrioan and an unnamed electronic/orchestra project). Let's talk something else here lately I've been enjoying anime RPGs. I mean I can't stop playing the Record of Agarest War series, Persona 4 Golden, and Disgea 1. I'll be playing those most of the year alongside Assasin's Creed 3(the series I got the full thing in a cheap bundle :) ) and maybe Metro : Last Light (the psn bundle is seriously awesome LOOK IT UP). They are wonderful games and I have one more thing to bitch about. Why is it some companies release Deluxe things then feel a need to go further? Aggravating.

Oh well I'm actually taking it kind of easy this week music wise and letting more ideas come to me. Then I'm gonna hit Neo Star Nova-Z 3 full force!

Here's to a good 2013 -Brian

Omega Factor details

(from my official website brianmichaelwaymire.com) Tracklisting

1. Into the Darkness 2. Ethereal Path 3. Annihilation Come Forth 4. Blackened skies 5. Future Sight 6. Into the Darkness (Instrumental Version) 7. Blackened skies (Instrumental Version) 8. Future Sight (Instrumental) 9. Stranded in Orbit (Re-Mixed instrumental Version) 10. Ashes of the Earth (Re-Mixed Instrumental Version) 11. Dark World (Re-Mixed Instrumental Version) 12. Black Out the Light (Re-Mixed Instrumental Version) 13. Leaving (Original Starfall A-X Demo) 14. The Sanctum That is Silence (Original Starfall A-X Demo) 15. Stranded in Orbit (Original FL Studio Demo) 16. Into the Darkness (Original FL Studio Demo) 17. The Descent (Original FL Studio Demo) 18. Nova (Unused FL Studio Demo) 19. Cosmic journey (Cut Track from Infinity Factor)

---The first 5 tracks are brand new and I will probably add more as I find it as i want this to be a proper close to the Infinity Factor Project . But don't worry it will be priced appropriately as most of these songs ,while remixed/ remastered, and re-arranged for added enjoyment, are demos and I'd never charge full price for a demo so it will be a deal trust me!

All tracks and production by well....ME!!!! but there are some exceptions --Evan Smith (http://www.soundcoud.com/evansmith) co producer on Future Sight --Robert Hill - was partially involved with the creation of Blackened Skies, Leaving, and the original version of TheSanctum That is Silence.

artwork for Omega Factor was done by Jake Nelis (Well Above hell Designs).

If you really want to....you can preorder it on bandcamp. neostarnova-z.bandcamp.com

and following that the next release will be available Nov. 2013 there will be more updates as we go along :)

thanks for reading -Brian