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NEW PHOTOS Coming!!!

Hooray! Hi-Strung had a fun-filled Afternoon doing a photoshoot for an upcoming magazine feature (can't tell you which magazine, has to be a surprise!!!). We look fwd to posting some of the Xtra's from the photoshoot afta the article is released. We had such a blast with it, even Samantha's dog Sasha got into the photo shoot. Too funny...XOXO Hi-Strung

Welcome Brooke Crawford on cello!

Hi Fans, Ideally a band always hopes to retain all its band members for the full course of their career. Life changes & we all adapt to the changes. We will miss Danielle Wells who dedicated 2 years to Hi-Strung and recorded on our debut album 'Malfunction'. Danielle is a sweetheart and we wish her & her husband the best in their move to Seattle, WA. hey Seattle, you are getting a helluva an awesome cello player!!! We welcome Brooke Crawford on cello, who debuted her first time ever playing live with us on on Saturday August 3, 2013 at Jackson's Denver. Brooke is well-known for her bass playing in Frontside 5 & The Trade-ins. Hi-Strung will be her first band playing cello in a group and we are thrilled to be her debut on cello! Please welcome her to Hi-Strung! Things are about to get Babe & Bass a licious here as Samantha & Brooke are having a blast working on new material with Shane & Jeremy. We plan to record a sophomore album here in the next 6 months. Stay tuned!! XOXO Hi-Strung

Download 'Snap' on reverbNation for FREE

Hey friends, fans and family! You deserve some new tunes in your playlist! Download our song 'SNAP' for free at Reverb Nation until the end of May!

FREE Downloads at Reverb Nation!

Hey there fans! You can download our album by signing up for our mailing list! Quick and easy, you can sign up at our website or at http://reverbnation.com/HiStrung. Definitely stop by one of our pages and let us know what you think of the music! Best! Hi-Strung

Album 'Malfunction' Up on our website!!

Hope you are listening to our album as you read this blog post! We are thrilled to be able to provide a free listening of our album right here at our official website- hooray! If you purchase our music here, 50% of our sales will goto the charity World Vision . We also have our album available for sale on bandcamp for only $8. Hope you can make it to our celebration Cd release Show! Thanks again for all your support. Please leave a message here on what you think of the album or what your favorite song was. We love to hear from our fans! XOXOXO Samantha D

Merch and purchase of new album almost available!

We are almost there! On March 4th, we will make the new album available for listen on our website! Woo-hoo! If you'd like to purchase it, we will have links:) T shirt design done and waiting to see proof before we make that available. Album Art in final stages of editing for the album covers. Super excited to make album covers that look like mini-record sleeves. I love vinyl records so thought'd it be fun to modernize to disc but keep the old-school album sleeve. What else? The album sounds amazing! I have listened to it so many times now and love love love the work Brian Fausett did on it as the engineer, producer, and guitarist. He is a gem to work with and has made this whole DIY experience stress free and fun! Stay tuned for CD Release! Ciao for now. Love Samantha Lead singer of Hi-Strung

The lineup for CD Release Party is complete!

We could not ask for more than to have our dear friends join our celebration show of our CD Release! We are very pleased to announce Reverend Deadeye and Forests of Azure as our support! Gonna be a great show, with good music and good vibes, so excited! You can get your tickets in adv by clicking this link below: http://www.larimerlounge.com/event_details.cfm?blogid=1056 Stay updated on our event on FB www.facebook.com/HiStrung

We hope to see you at the show:) Love, Hi-Strung

Hi-Strung Debut Album titled 'Malfunction'

Yes!!! We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing our Debut album titled' Malfunction' in March 2013!! Our Cd release party will be at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, Co. This is one of our favorite places to play and where we got our start as a band. We are really thrilled to be able to do our cd release party there because we used to practice next door to the Larimer for a year and will feel at home. Our friends, the band Forest of Azure, will be performing with us. We have another band we will announce soon who is also very special to all of us. The new album features 10 songs with a surprise track no one has ever heard cept our band. Really hope you can share the joy with us on Sat March 16th! Keep your eyes and ears open for posts of our new music. Thanks again for all your support! love, Hi-Strung


How amazing to get soo much support before we have even released our debut album. The music we have up on our website and reverbntaion are currently from live shows and/or voice memo recordings of our rehearsals. We are really excited to be posting music recorded professionally for our debut album later this month. And very very soon we will be announcing our CD Release as well. Thanks to you, sooo very very much, for being our fans! We love what we do and we are in the business of making original music! Off to sit in on a recording session with violinist Maia Fortis. Catch up with you all soon. XO Samantha "Doom" Donen

Almost ready to announce Cd release Party!!

So close but still have a lotta work til we can announce our Cd release Par-tay date. Super excited at the progress we are making in the studio and just dying to get our single out for you all to hear so we can get some feedback. That's a surprise too, the song that will be our single. We are dpoing a 10 song album for our debut album. We have a surprise instrumental song we wrote called "Dance til' you're dead!" that will be on the album. Anywho...Maia is in the studio now recording her parts on our single and other songs, then cello, then vocals and then...we finally get to mix, master and share with you!!!! The excitement of recording the music we have written is beyond words and gratitude to the universe for getting us this far. Touch base soon! All my love, Samantha "Doom" Donen