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New Year

2014. Another year to work hard and play hard. So where do we stand these days?

Well to start with, we were already nomitnated for best band in CT by NE Music Awards. In early February we will be working on a music video, and then some new music and even a few international shows.

Being in a band is a lot more work than just the music, but I wouldn't want to do anything else. I play and write for my audience. I want our fans to experience the same feelings I feel when I hear that amazing new song but a talented artist. Chills.

All of my favorite artists do that to this day, even with songs I've heard 1000 times over.

Cheers, 2014.



We broke 5,000 likes on FB last night. This is a pretty big milestone. I think it deserves some type of reward or celebration send off. We know everyone who can't go to our shows has been hungry for some film. I think it's long over-due... the suspense is killing me.

Fast Paced

Just a few months ago, we were trying to figure out how we would move forward with the release of the album. And with a few well received shows (FOXWOODS..!!), some clever advertising, and meeting some genuinely inspiring fellow bands, we are off and running. Once more into the breach, dear friends.