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A Little East Of West

Since moving to Boise Idaho, I have had the opportunity to provide for my family with a wonderful day gig, and also promote and pursue my new dream and goal.... A Blues Grammy in 2018! Record release coming soon. The Blues scene in Boise area is amazing and supportive.

Winds Of Change

As things change, they will always stay the same, and what is old will be new again.... That's just the way it is! I will be solely concentrating on my own music and playing. That is what I love to do. I just want to play guitar....It started in a pentacostal church in Merced CA when I was 10, and and has led me to Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Nashville, and now back to the Valley (Full Circle). I'm back not because I couldn't make it where I was, I'm back because I did everything I set out to do and dreamed of....My name on a Merle Haggard record, the Oakland Coliseum, the Grand Ole Opry, Major tour on a big bus, and on and on. Time to set new goals, make new dreams, and reach them. I have a beautiful family, wonderful wife, fantastic day gig, nice house, 2 cars, plenty of amps and guitars. SO... What I don't have is an album with just my songs on it, a Grammy on the shelf, or a tour with my name on it! These are some goals.. Far fetched? That's what I thought when I dreamed of playing with Merle, the Coliseum, and the Opry. I always kept it in my mind and things just happened.. I allowed them to happen for me. I now allow the universe to take me on to the next dream, goal, and beyond. I will update frequently on the journey, the ride, the experience, the dream, and each plateau......I'm writing no less than 5-10 songs a week, I'm inspired by what I haven't done yet, and encouraged by people that know me and what I've been through. I've been married several times, almost lost my right arm 23 years ago to subclavian thrombosis (healed), diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and put on a heart transplant list in Oklahoma City for a year (hear completely healed), heart attack, two strokes, lost everything in my life at least 5 times.....kicked coke habit 20 years ago without rehab. Been shot at, stabbed, beat up, beaten others up, lied, cheated on exes, driven drunk(but never had a ticket in my life), and lived to tell about it... Well some of it. The book will come soon! Anyway. My intentions have always and will continue to be to do what is right, go over and above to help. Do things without asking for anything in return, be grateful and appreciative. Play your heart out and give 110% on stage or off. Be Your Own Hero. To yourself and others! Play your heart out and never ever quit. Don't be afraid to change....just like underwear, you should do it everyday!!!! "If you ain't had no troubles in your life, you can't play the Blues"--Gary Tackett


This is what I've always wanted to do, but could find the right artist with the "IT" factor until I met Toree McGee. A natural born singer with a God given natural talent that is amazing and true. I will be producing her project in Nashville Dec 8-10th at Ronnies Place where hit records by Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies, Blake Shelton, and Jason Aldean were recorded. I'm using Jason Aldeans band (Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy) who have been friends of mine for over 15 years, as well as Jason Aldean's fantastic engineer. I've found some great songs from Toree through extensive listening to CD's from Peer Music (Vicki McGehee) and many others to pick the best 6 songs we could find that fit Toree. We are excited and can't wait for the world to hear the finished product.

Monterey Americana Festival June 28th, 2014

What a great show at the Monterey County Fairgrounds performing with Antsy McClain. I got to meet one of my favorite songwriters in Jim Lauderdale, and watch the incomparable Dwight Yoakum go through his string of hits like a freight train that's going to be late for it's next scheduled stop...The Troubs as usual, entertained and played to the crowd. Upcoming shows at DeVille Theatre on July 12th in Vacaville, and then WorldFest in Grass Valley on July 13th should be great shows!

Weekend with Antsy McClain and the Troubs

This weekend...Antsy flies in from Nashville for a couple of shows. The Mystic Theatre on Friday night and the beautiful new Grand Theatre in my home town of Tracy, CA.....

New beginnings!

Big Month! New house/baby on the way/business is booming! The stars have lined up for me and my family this year and hope yours do to. Gigs this month with Rodeo House, Flat Busted out of Sacramento, and Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours.

Enjoy The Ride

Since leaving Diablo Road and the Saddle Rack back in January, it's giving me time to focus on my own music and playing again with my dear friend and Americana Icon Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours, a true artist, songwriter, and singer guy! We take over Harlows in Sacramento on Friday July 12th and then head up to Ukiah on Sunday for a Concert in Todd Grove Park at 6pm...

Happy Halloween

Tonight I'll be playing with Diablo Road at California's largest nightclub, The Saddle Rack in Fremont California. Been busy working on 10 songs to play with special guest Cowboy Troy (You may know him from Big & Rich tours). Gonna be big fun.

Gary Tackett Band

Rehearsals went great on Wednesday night! At a very nice recording studio in Sunnyvale Ca, I got together with Myron Dove-one of my all time favorite bassists,and some new friends, Brian Collier on drums who plays with Con Funk Shun, and Mikey Day who plays monster piano. It was love at first note. We jammed for a while and then got down to business learning my original material, some songs I had just written and never played before. These guys brought the songs to life. Our first show together will be at the Bankhead Theatre in Livermore CA for Guitar Fest Live which is a 3 day even celebrating the guitar. Larry Carlton will be headlining inside the Bankhead Theatre at 8:00pm but I will be off to my second gig at the Saddle Rack with the house band Diablo Road...

Inda Music Bidness

It's been a blast playing California's Largest Nightclub with Diablo Road. Jewels Hanson, John Valdez and Bill Mooney are some of the most talented musicians I've ever worked with and are just a good hang backstage three nights a week! For a 3 piece band with a singer, we cover some serious ground. A little more work for me, but I like it...We kick ass and take names and it feels like Led Zepplin of Country! Page, Bohnam, and Jones, with a female Robert Plant. Each member equally as strong..