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Once and Future shows

Hey guys. Well we have gotten two shows under our belts (one at Vittone's and one at the Brick). We are really excited about playing the Spirit of the Roots festival on bank street Decatur on August 9th. This will be our first show with Rone in the band, and we are excited. We really do need everyone to spread the word and bring friends. The event starts at noon and is completely free. Please come buy. Not only check us out, but also the other bands and other artists there as well. There will be a lot to do and see. Decatur's music scene needs support and the other kinds of artists do too. Come on out and have some fun with us.

Latest news

As you all may be aware, we completed recording our demo and have the songs uploaded onto the page here. Be sure to give it a listen if you haven't yet. Also, if you like the songs you can pay to download the songs and then have them for yourself to listen to whenever you want. Proceeds from the sales go to Fender's non-profit charity. We are ready to start playing shows and hopefully will be doing that soon. We are very excited about the chance to finally start playing live and we hope to have some oppurtunites soon. If you have an event you want us to play at please let us hear from you. We are excited and hope to see yall at the show.

First Blog

We just got our official name and still looking for a drummer. Hopefully things will keep going well.