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Recipe for sound...

"How many times we sit, and put pen to paper, pic to string, lips to mic, straps to shoulders, sticks to clenched fists... How many times we arrive and load in, still feeling the previous nights vibrations and smelling that beautiful stink of musty sweat lingering in the air of an un filtered venue... still wet from the night before. The road will change you, it will mold you and make you in whatever you need to be to survive the journey ahead. Be it good, be it evil (we see those on occassion in this industry..) it is what it is, as my friend Justin Maximov would say. The best to do is to depart from home in that rig, with a personal mission of discovery, of hope, but mainly, of focus. Focus of not falling, focus of refusing the 'crumble jam'..." ~Rachelle DeBelle, 5-14-12 (An excerpt from personal journal 23 Shades/Dr. Luna Spring National Tour)