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I Hate My Valentine-New Lyrics..!

I hate my Valentine He ain't the lovin' kind Spent his day walkin' the prison ground Not even bummed that he ain't around Ohh Ohh Ohh

He was my life last year Filled with hate and lot's of tears Ran all the way down to Mexico Not even then did I let him go

I hate my Valentine He ain't no lovin' kind Spends his day livin' off the fly Sure as hell wish I could hate this guy OhhhOhhhOhhh

I left him once, didn't last that long Sure as hell knows how to string me on He lives for speed & fights all the fights I know one day he's gonna lose his life

I hate my Valentine He's the screwed up love of mine Once he's back from the Gold San Tan I'm gonna hate him as good as I can OhhOhhOhh


Can't believe I'm just now discovering Saving Jane....Ohio...... LOVE it!!! Now back to work. :)

New Beginnings...

I've been allowing myself to ignore my heart and neglecting the essence of my soul. I've been thinking about my sound, writing, experiences of late that are curving me into what I think is going to pave the way of what I'm wanting to express with my music. I'm very excited and decided to put it out there in blog-dom! Anywhoz... excited for the road ahead in many aspects of my life. Happiness doesn't lie in what you have but what you do with it!