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Looking for a Publisher

I am currently looking for a publisher for my library of work. If you know anyone or are a publisher who is interested please send an email to John@askjohn.com Thanks, John Cannon aka AskJohn.com

Comments welcomed!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to thank all my fans for leaving comments about my compositions. It is great hearing from you and I always appreciate the critique of my works and love connecting with fellow musicians. Let's make some magic! All the best, John aka AskJohn.com

Laurie Cannon
Laurie Cannon  (almost 3 years ago)

amazing talent

My creations

Some artists view their creations as nurtured babies I prefer to view my compositions and art as sperm fertilizing the imaginations of those who are brave enough to experience my passion. - AskJohn.com

Laurie Cannon
Laurie Cannon  (almost 3 years ago)

very interesting concept

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Say Anything Important!

Ok I'll try to control myself I have 5 minutes so here goes my little snippet of freedom of speech: So what is going on in the world today? We have so many people millions and billions of people who are suffering at the hands of a few around the world. As the months, years, decades pass the suffering seems to get worse. The ironic part is that I think this is all part of the plan as many hopefully not most have taken to heart that all their suffering and personal repression will let them get to heaven and meet Mohammed, Jesus or Moses or in a future life let them get reincarnated into a higher life form. That is INSANE! This is life and although it can suck you shouldn't think you are earning extra credits because it sucks more for you than others, you won't. Ok gotta go... Have fun! Express yourself don't repress yourself! Protect the first ammendment and SAY SOMETHING IMPORTANT ABOUT THE CURRENT WORLD WE ALL LIVE IN! not somebody's past life or a fantasy future life, the present needs you to stand up and say something IMPORTANT! Thank you! AskJohn.com

Corrupted Integrity getting published soon!

I'm excited to announce the release of Corrupted Integrity. It is almost ready to get published and should be out within the next 2 weeks! Check back soon!



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