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Introducing "LEGACY" Wayne & Wonder

Shane Wayne & Timmy Wonder have collaborated with a number of great musicians and other truly great people who have helped us chase our dream over the years. None more notable than the steam engine of people that fueled the engine of our former band Mr. Love Jones (MLJ). This list of individuals is too long to mention here but two names must be noted.

When you see a release that reads "Legacy Wayne & Wonder" it is important to know that ~ that song is a PAST piece of work that was originally created while working on a pre-W&W (Wayne & Wonder) project. It is also a product that we directly wrote either the lyrics or music. Most importantly it is a piece of work that we believe deserves to be recognized in the new W&W campaign and NOT a song that should be left to fade away into time.

Most "legacy" material planned for release or " RE-RELEASE if you will is material that was either written with our former band "MLJ" or material that was conceived while working with MLJ. Two key people to note in this creation are bass & keyboard player "Ramon Shane" who was instrumental in the complete life cycle of the music and drummer "Adam Black" who was always a constant voice in any music creation.

The "LEGACY Wayne & Wonder" releases are an important testament to the many years of hard work and determination that we and our former band members have carried out. This "LEGACY" material MUST LIVE ON not matter what name is on train that carries it. Thank you to all who have made "Legacy Wayne & Wonder" even possible. You are NOT forgotten. We will honor you and the ever present mission of Wayne & Wonder by creating some of our best music yet. Peace to all.

In Support of "Legacy W&W" ~ Shane Wayne & Timmy Wonder