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Below The Green

We are here with a new EP and more recordings on the way. But before I get ahead of myself, here is "Below The Green"

Here is what Drizzi, and music blogger from Italy had to say about it.

"Yes, the simplicity described in the brief presentation of Misay Day found in their Facebook page is for me a pleasant medicine tonic. From the first song, the marvelous "Southside", two simple chords, a recording discreet yet surrounded by warmth and humanity immense. Few elements, a ukulele, a guitar, a rhythm nicely lame and intense voice and passionate Kate Robberson. I would be willing to turn off any electronic device for a few days and sit next to Misay Day and enjoy their candid authenticity. Yes, folk, Texas, lo-fi and precious inaccuracies ... a refreshing shower that cleans million megabytes of electronic cold and impersonal. Folk lopsided, hippy-folk, shirts with untucked, beards and long hair and messy. Perfumes seventies dating nostrils giving me joy and amazement. Misay Day have a secret room full of instruments used and improvised with which color their imperfect and melancholic compositions of special colors. Love at first sight."

We hope you enjoy!

New EP

You can download our EP on bandcamp ya know: http://misayday.bandcamp.com/