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Broken Parachute guitarist and composer Marcus Taylor has released a solo album 'Kashgar' today. Eleven tracks of hot world-jazz-rock fusion goodness! Features Broken Parachute keyboard player Ben Bell and drummer Matt Snowden on multiple tracks. You can listen here: https://www.reverbnation.com/kashgar Album is available from all major digital distributors

Patchwork Cacophony

Broken Parachute keyboard player and vocalist Ben Bell has just released a progressive-rock solo album 'Patchwork Cacophony' in which he plays every instrument on each of the 12 tracks. You can find it here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/patchwork-cacophony/id945754811


Just noting that both Hit the Wall and Genuine Fake are available as free downloads right here on RN. The full album is obviously available on iTunes, but you'll need to pay for that ;)

Final masters

Just to let you know that we have now uploaded all the final masters of the complete album 'Down is the New Up'. A formal release for the album, with options to purchase, will be shortly forthcoming!

Beat it...

Just to note that I'm starting to upload new mixes of our tracks that now feature the excellent talents of Matt Snowden on drums. It's exciting to have such a fabulous drummer add his work to our music. I've put five of these new mixes up, and more are on the way over the week ahead. Cheers, Marcus


After many delays, we are finally set up with a drummer to re-record some of the tracks. Hopefully this will work smoothly and effectively and provide the final element for the music. Updates soon...

Stuck in bottom gear...

For tech enthusiasts, we thought we'd take a brief moment to comment on some of the gear we use for recording:

Marcus - I use two guitars. My main axe is a Godin LGX signature. I also use a Burns Steer (the green guitar in the photo). I love its round tone for jazzier stuff, but I find the lack of a cutaway sometimes restrictive for soloing. Amp wise, I use a Polytone Mini-Brute, but often use various amp simulators for recorded work (Logic pro has a nice set). As for effects, a Fulltone Full-Drive 2 and a Budda Budwah are essential elements of my sound. Finally, my bass is also made by Godin. I was abusing a fretless for a while, but switched to the standard fretted style to regain some shred of dignity.

Ben - Most of the tracks have Hammond (XK3c) on them, and there's a lot of piano from a Yamaha P80. Aside from that I'd like to say I'm using a Clavinet and a Wurli but in fact they're actually both emulations coming from a Nord Stage 73, sometimes with mutron or amp simulation. Occasionally, when Marcus was looking the other way, I snuck in a little bit of analogue synth, both the true (Prophet) and the false (virtual a la Nova or Nord). Vocally, I used just the one instrument -- a quirky thing that I picked up about 35 years ago and have rarely been without ever since.