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sSurviving In Dead Syd

BD continue to roll on using the 'shoe string' approach to art rock - work the angles, do your own everything, expect nothing but the satisfaction that you are making music instead of just watching music on the internet... Is there anybody, out there...? (The Wall)

BoRiS DRiVeR and BuRiEd SpHeReS

Boris is splitting in two, with the same personnel but a different approach. Buried Spheres will cater for the aural landscape art rock mind, while BoRiS DRiVeR will present shows that are (sometimes) more 'to the point' in the dominant Sydney pop ADHD world. Look out for both of us...

Are YOu BoRiS Enough to DRiVe?

Boris Driver is compiling the Ultimate ROckiSt LiSt of RN artists who we think are BoRiS DRiVeN. It's an aesthetic thing, so be sure to get your most serious RoCk FaCe up on your profile to end up in BoRiS DRiVeR's Gallery Of Greats! [Hit our 'All Favourites' for the current contenders]

Words of Wisdom Mr Graney

Dave Graney makes an interesting observation about 'digital music' in that 'it isolates everybody more than frees up music' (Smith 2012). He opts more for community radio as a spot where interesting things might crop up, whereas commercial radio, '...should really play so much more but won't unless they're told to...' I'm inclined to agree Dave.

Boris Driver Headcover

We have today received the following statement from the group Cabbies Against Boris, who claim to be organising a protest of taxi drivers: Am I the only one that feels drivers do not like Boris Bikers? (These character headcovers will bring fun and humor to your game!) Jill is being driven to view Boris Driver's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Boris Driver. They search down at the beach and find a pair of shoes and tracks that lead into the water... Join Facebook to connect with Boris Driver and others you may know. Bye, bye Boris.

The Humbletone Manifesto

Rihanna talks that talk in a humble tone and releases an interesting video allowing her fans to peep into her personal life…

In heavy self-promotion to blow away the competition, it seems that striking a humble tone with thoughtful illustration is the best way forward. Most experts recommend striking an appreciative, humble tone rather than making your appeal sound more clean and overdrive. Just put this quick thing together to demonstrate the two patches. Leaning towards my humble self, we engage in conversation. The views are expressed, the words have a humble tone... Bioelectronics Corp. BIEL Stock Message: (In a humble tone):

• Send "Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble" ringtone to your cell. The song starts with his sarcastically humble tone – “Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothing.” • View the Humbletone family crest and reveal the Humbletone family history. • During face to face workplace communication, you should have a pleasant and humble tone. • Speak to the person in a soft, humble tone. • Apologize for having to bring up the issue and use words. • Do not speak.

Val Kilmer loans more of a humble tone to the modest, troubled Moses.

When looking to Jesus as our model for humility, behaviour and language, it‘s difficult to picture him rolling his eyes and responding, ‘It's about his vision for how this House should be run. When he says he's humble, he's humble.’

"My good fellow," said Giroudeau in a soothing and humble tone, "this is the gallant cavalry officer of the Imperial Guard of whom I spoke to you. Eh! well?”

"I did not know that the gander was the king's," replied the fox in a humble tone. " He went on, from this point, in a still more humble tone, and spoke in a very low voice; pointing, ‘Don't much like his overbearing tone... I used to be on Cesar's side of the table, so to speak.’

‘May it please your Majesty,' said Two, in a very humble tone, going down on one knee as he spoke, 'we were trying—' to which we added a few smooth animated transitions, and seasoned it off with a humble tone of voice.

His speech maintained a humble tone, claiming, to the surprise of his listeners, that he knew nothing. In his mind, one could not know anything without knowing, ‘We must be grateful. Boast of high things with Humbletone.’