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NEW COS On the Way!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick update about the new COS Axe to Grind CD - the album is off to dupilcation and if everythign stays on track will be released worldwide on La MazaKuata Records November 1, 2013! We will be premiering a couple of tracks from the CD Oct 9th on the Keep it Metal Show at 7:30pm - check it out! COS n ROLL!

NEW COS Album Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone! COS will be releasing a new album titled "Axe to Grind" on November 1, 2013 with La Mazakuata Records. The disc will be available worldwide. We want to thank everyone for all the support and inspiration - thanks for being part of the COSNation... COS n ROLL! \m/\m/

Thank You

Hey Everyone1 We just want to say thank you for all the support - we are so grateful!!. Some big news is coming soon - so stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you at a show! COS n ROLL! \m/\m/

C.O.S. Wants to Give YOU Our New CD Epilogue!!!

Hey Everyone! Want to get the new Corners of Sanctuary CD "Epilogue" for free? Just give us three likes: Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, let ys know and we will send you the new disc as a MP3 download! Easy as 1, 2, 3 \m/\m/

C.O.S. EP "EPILOGUE" Now Available

Hey Everyone - get the new Corners of Sanctuary EP "EPILOGUE" HERE exclusively: http://www.cornersofsanctuary.com/music.html#EPILOG \m/\m/

NEW C.O.S. Video - "Angels Only Dare!!!

Hey Everyone - check out the new "Angels Only Dare" video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7-dChRhofc

C.O.S. n ROLL!!

C.O.S. will not SELL OUT!

Hey Everyone! given the new standards here at Reverb in regards to band rankings, we intend to saty true to the music and our fans - regardless of where Reverb ranks Corners of Sanctuary - at the top or at the bottom. Real fans cannot be bought! good music is powerful and cannot be ignored. Thanks for your continuous support! \m/\m/ - C.O.S.

NEW C.O.S. EP Coming Soon!!

Hey Everyone! A new Corners of Sanctuary EP is coming soon. Look for new material along with some recent favorites later this month. The EP will be exclusively available at www.cornersofsanctuary.com. Also look for a new full length disc from the band coming later this Summer!!! Join the C.O.S. Nation - come and C.O.S. & ROLL with us!! \m/\m/

C.O.S. March 24th Show Canceled

Hey everyone, due to health problems, C.O.S. Will not be performing on Sunday, March 24th at the Nail. We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday, April 12th!

NEW C.O.S. Video - Revenge!

Hey Everyone - check out our new video for your track "Revenge" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UimPP-PR6E&list=HL1363961634