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SNEAKY MEAT - New OjOutLaw album early 2014

OjOutLaw frontman Dan O'Brien has announced a new album titled SNEAKY MEAT to be unleashed early 2014. "It's our most commercial album in years, with some of my loudest, modest and personal tracks ever to be recorded under the OjOutLaw name..." Tracks from the album are already firing up on Reverbnation including "Coke & Cola", "Falling In Love (with the ex-girlfriend) and the hard rocker, "Millie Blue" Selected tacks from SNEAKY MEAT will merge with highlights from their 2013 album "MOJO SIDE EFFECT" for itunes & Amazon music delux release under the name MOJO SIDE EFFECT following the SNEAKY MEAT Reverbnation release in early 2014.

MOJO SIDE EFFECT (2013) - New OjOutLaw album to Reverbnation

Dan O'Brien is currently releasing tracks from the long awaited OjOutLaw album MOJO SIDE EFFECT exclusive to Reverbnation fans. The new album is the follow up to the itunes smash LAST LEGAL DRUG. Where The Last Legal Drug album was a study in lust, love and wild abandonment, MOJO SIDE EFFECT fires the listener into the opposite direction. MOJO SIDE EFFECT is an 18 track album recorded in Melbourne, Australia 2012/2013. Preview the tracks in low quality & download high quality tracks at the Reverbnation Hellbound Store.

LAST LEGAL DRUG (2012) on itunes

Our latest release LAST LEGAL DRUG is now on itunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/last-legal-drug/id501570719?i=501570724&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 All our tracks have been digitally remastered from the original tapes and released to Reverbnation.

ORIGIN UNKNOWN - The Bootleg B-Sides

During the recording of the 2011 "HELLBOUND" & upcoming 2012 album 'LAST LEGAL DRUG" we had a lot of interesting demo's, out takes, remixes & tracks that were left off our albums because they didn't quite fit the albums concepts. The OjOutLaw band sifted through the pile and compiled the tracks we liked into an ep. "ORIGIN UNKNOWN - The Bootleg B-Sides" is an mp3 digital download album now available to preview and download for our fans only at reverbnation.com/ojoutlaw

HELLBOUND - Revelations about writing the album ....


During a viral myspace interview about the new album HELLBOUND, singer/songwriter Dan O'Brien revealed the latest release to be a biographical concept album.

"...I entered the music scene as a young kid, hungry and full of dreams, we all did ... " ..."The music machine ain't all glamour and riches, it can chew you up and spit you out on the other side, numb and damned..." "It's a personal album, for a lack of a better phrase, a lyrical diary..."

"Every track on the album battles a demon and highlights pieces of my past..."

The HELLBOUND album recalls the rise and the personal cost of the lead singer and his band. The characters and events along the way.

"......It's the closure album, our tribute and the lessons .... the ultimate trick is getting out alive. Heaven sent, or Hellbound."

HELLBOUND, the album with art work and full singles will be released, exclusively to Reverbnation's Hellbound store on Feb. and later in the year to iTunes and Amazon and e-music. 3 singles off the album are already available to preview and download at Myspace and Reverbnation.

New album "HELLBOUND" release 2011

A new album titled "HELLBOUND" set for released mid-2011. "HELLBOUND" wraps up on the tail of the 2009 Megaphone Diplomacy album and will feature members of the OjOutLaw band as well as studio sessioners.

Although HELLBOUND will be the final release for the current line up, lead singer and songwriter Dan O'Brien will continue in sound engineering, video production, solo and a variety of different band projects which will hopefully include members of the OjOutLaw band.

First single, the title track "HELLBOUND" has been released to the band's Myspace and ReverbNation pages with great reviews and positive feedback, with the rest of the album tracks to follow by mid 2011.

DIRTY MOTIVE - The Unreleased Studio Demo's

Dan O'Brien and The OjOutLaw Band is set to release an ep featuring unreleased tracks from the "Megaphone" and "Breakdown" recording session. Tracks have already surfaced on Myspace and Reverbnation. Many of the ep tracks will be available free to download in full only for OjOutLaw fans on Reverbnation. "DIRTY MOTIVE - The Unreleased Studio Demo's" ep will be available from April 1st only on Reverbnation.com

Megaphone Diplomacy - Deluxe Album Release Announced

The anticipated forthcoming album by Dan O'Brien & The OjOutLaw Band, "Megaphone Diplomacy" is set for release in early January 2010. LATEST NEWS: Megaphone Diplomacy (Deluxe Edition) will be released on iTunes and Amazon music in January following the official release. The internet only extended "Deluxe Edition" will feature bonus highlighted tracks from "Social Psycho", "Welcome To My Breakdown" and "The Third Degree" previously released albums by Dan O'Brien and will feature alternative album cover art. Preview new songs from Megaphone Diplomacy now on myspace. Internet release and store locations will be announced on Reverbnation and myspace. www.myspace.com/theojoutlaw

New Single from "Megaphone Diplomacy" on Myspace

Dan O'Brien & The OjOutLaw Band have released a new single to Myspace form the forthcoming album "Megaphone Diplomacy"

"Remote Control Baby" can be heard at www.myspace.com/theojoutlaw

and Downloaded at: www.soundclick.com/ojoutlaw

"Other new tracks considered for the album have also been added "Blow Them All Away" & "Music & Lyrics"


Dan O'Brien & The OjOutLaw Band are currently working on the 2010 release "Megaphone Diplomacy". After taking a short break to enjoy the success of 2009's "Welcome To My Breakdown" album, Dan is back in the studio and back working with the studio sessioners from Melbourne and Sydney who have appeared on Dan's previous albums "Social Psycho", "Welcome To My Breakdown" and "We Won't Go Quietly" as well as members from The OjOutLaw Band. The New album "MEGAPHONE DIPLOMACY" will again be arranged, mixed and produced by Dan O'Brien. and is said to be the "Bastard brother" album to "Welcome To My Breakdown" A modern rock record with no bullshit.

Dan O'Brien on The Making Of "Megaphone Diplomacy:- "We all get along, and respect each other as musicians, There is no ego or bullshit just one aim...to make a fuckin' great record, and that's so refreshing to have a close nit circle of musicians with the same hunger and professional disciple without excuses or ego getting in the way, it will show on the record. MEGAPHONE DIPLOMACY is set to be released in early 2010, with 10 tracks currently pinned to it in the recording studio.