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The Making Of my Newest Single "Just One"

Sup Fam... i am soo excited about my newest single "Just One" that has and is Ministering to so many lives...provoking oneness in the land. I remember it like it was yesterday when my producer, Deshawn "Big D" Hendrickson, called to tell me about a song that GOD had dropped in his spirit based on an emergency wreck that he had seen on the road, just thinking "one" wrong move caused this thing to happen but "one" Prayer could change it all as well. Oh yes "Just one" was birthed through The HOLY SPIRIT'S guidance. As we begin to collab in writing this song, being very sensitive to The HOLY SPIRIT, we were definitely touched by the tragedies going on in the world, and the need for peace and the healing of the land, yes our land! So i hit the studio in Boston, MA in Studio 81 and recorded this song.....and progress continued to be made and Round 2 on another Music Video! Yall making this Music video for this Single....was such a learning experience especially with having the priviledge of hearing the wisdom of the Director of SDot Films, Sean David! Yall i am constantly hearing the testimonies on how lives are being touched as GOD reminds us through this single and Music Video that if we would only come on ONE accord and humble ourselves, PRAY, and SEEK HIS face... HE would heal our Land (2 Chronicles Chapter 7, Verse 14). So lets do what GOD is commanding us to do.... There is only enough time to do GOD'S WILL! So with that being said plz BE BLESSED by the official Music Video of my Newest Single "Just One" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-XW4OBUuIs


So wuz up Fam! So excited about the Release of my Debut Single “HE IS GOD”! Yall..I really am amazed by the Opportunities that GOD has given me and those HE has placed around me to keep me grounded, rooted, and encouraged. So just to tell You a little bit more about my debut single, It is so phenomenal and I had an Awesome Release Party! I also have a Music Video To "HE IS GOD" as well, Whooooo!! This Music Video has came out so beautiful... I was so impressed and just blown away. Shout out to the filming Company SDot Films and everyone else who played a part in this, You know You have a special place in my heart! Fam, please go check it out on my website( and other links) www.joyjonline.com Yall I was so humbled to have that type of privilege, especially at 15 yrs old. Fam I'm so excited because I am on nine radio stations with many more to come! (As I write this, my other single”Come On In” is playing on YesLord Radio, Wow lol). It seems like yesterday when I first heard “HE IS GOD” played on Synergy…a Gospel Online Radio Station! Fam I was too excited! I think my cheeks hurted afterwards from all of the smiling both inside and out. All I could really do was THANK JESUS! So let’s bring You up the speed a little!Thanks to Your support I currently hold the rank of #1 rank in the Baton Rouge Location in the Gospel Charts of reverbnation.com! Wow...You ought to Praise GOD with me on that one! Louisiana's rank #1 is To come! Also I am planning a mini “HE IS GOD” tour during this Summer (2013)! So I would definitely appreciate Your Prayers in accordance with GOD’S WILL, and Your support. So continue to stay tune for more udates and of course....spread The Word! So yes Fam…GOD DESERVES ALL OF THE GLORY! I must realize everyday that it’s not about my fame or fortune or even my recognition but to Bring Souls from all over the World To CHRIST!! I know only in CHRIST the Best is Yet to come for both You and me! Thank You so much Fam, yall know I Love You and ain’t a thing You can do about it….I mean it lol! BE BLESSED!!


So fam, i was just thinking and GOD was really dealing with me on staying humble. To tell you the truth at times it becomes a struggle for me, hey i deal with flesh too. But that's when trusting GOD and not my own Strength come in. Let's face it when God made me HE didn't make me mistake proof. So at the end of the day we all struggle with our flesh in some kind of way. I always have to remember that in order for GOD to take me to the place that he desires for my life humbleness is needed from me. So you guys I at this point in my life, I really need some words of encouragement. Thank you guys..Love u.. stay HUMBLE and BE BLESSED!!!

MsTish!  (almost 4 years ago)


My First Music Video!!

FIRST GIVING ALL GLORY TO GOD FOR ALL OF THE SUCCESS!! So To tell you the truth, Doing this video to my song "HE IS GOD" was a complete surprise to me from my Producer Deshawn "Big D" Hendrickson, my Marketing Manager Taisha Hendickson , Video Director, Sean David of SDot Films, and most of all My Parents and the Rest of my musical Family. I had no clue about this video shoot till about a month in advanced. I couldn't describe all the thoughts and emotions that drove in my head that night. All I can say is I was Truly THANKFUL TO GOD!! I was a little nervous, ok well more than a little, but my heart swelled with Joy. I had no clue what to expect. So then on plans were made and the journey began. So when My Producer and his Wife (my marketing Manager) made it from Boston, MA, Then it hit me.....OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! As tears filled my eyes and as my heart was elated with excitement I couldn't do more than to PRAISE GOD!! Then came the filming Crew (Sean David and Chris Burgon) from Los Angeles, CA!! Enjoying the Southern Hospitality of Baton Rouge, LA they were amazed at the success from just an Idea to seeing it really happen. AMAZING!

So as Everything was being prepared for the next two days (the actual video shoot) after they arrived, I was still trying to soak it all in and enjoy Every moment I had with them. During this process everything wasn't perfect but it was pre-destined, what satan meant for bad GOD Turned it into something Good.

So now you know what Time it is......MUSIC VIDEO DAY!! I was so nervous as if you didn't already know. During this process my focus was to really GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!, staying humble during all the pampering, and to not disappoint anyone! AND MY FOCUS STAYED ON TRACK!! The Process of this Video shoot was a lot of work but with peace in the atmosphere all the pieces of this puzzle came together. And the shoot was a complete SUCCESS! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! The weather was beautiful, everyone got along including the Cast that participated in this Video shoot, and GOD WAS IN CONTROLL!! I was AMAZED at how quickly everything went. Director, Sean David, of SDot Films really was SPECTACULAR! His Directions to me was right on point. And of course with the love and encouragement of my Producer, Deshawn Hendrickson and his lovely Wife, Taisha Hendrickson it was absolutely phenomenal. Most of all the support and Love of my Greately Loved parents and Family. They truly kept me in check!

But I thank you guys for just going along this Journey with me! THANK YOU JESUS! For I knew I wasn't alone! So at the end when it was time for us to depart from each other, It was heart breaking! I was amazed at how each of our bonds were so greatly closer and stronger! But I knew it wasn't a goodbye just a see you later! Thank you Fam for your support again and this Music Video was so greatly appreciated! IN this process of hard work we knew all the time that JESUS, HE IS GOD AND GOD ALONE! Be Blessed!!


Having a Peace of mind is so important! For GOD Is The GOD of Peace! Having a peace of mind allows GOD to show you things and give you a Revelation of things that are needed or you are questioning in your life about thow you should live and on which paths to take. For GOD cannot do that on a doubtful and worried mind! For Peace helps you with your understanding of Faith. Faith is what is NEEDED to believe that Peace can be YOURS TODAY!!

How Do You Know GOD Gave You Your Vision?

First you have to have a renewed mind, a CHRIST-LIKE mind. And that allows you to see beyond the natural because, a carnal mind cannot understand Spiritual things. Then God will allow You to get CONFIRMATION through man!! If GOD said it it MUST come to pass!! For HE PROMISED to bless us!! Brothers And Sisters know WHAT Vision GOD Has for You!!

What is Purity to You?

The question that is asked is, "What are the pressures and temptations that is causing you to lose your purity?" Please let me hear your thoughts and comments on this matter! I would love to hear what you have to say!!

Come Sit At the Feet of Jesus!!!

First my brothers and sisters you have to understand that knowledge is power. And God's people suffer for the lack of spiritual knowledge. That is because "Christians" focus on more worldly things than Heavenly things. Its not because you don't have enough worldly knowledge, its because you don't have enough Heavenly knowledge to make a difference in your life or in someone's else life. So that brings us to the feet of Jesus. For those who are not in their right minds (Christ-minded) it means you can lose your worldly thinking at his feet. Because now you are renewing your mind at this moment, because He will not reveal Heavenly things to a guessing mind. So allow him to show you the mysteries of Heaven! And when He deposits in your mind it over takes any UnGodly ways, thoughts, habits, and thinking. Because you can never guess who God is, you have to Know him for yourself!!!


Hello my "Joyous Fam", this post is for anyone whom satan has been attackng this week. Just always remember the closer you get to Jesus, the more satan backs off because he aready knows he has been defeated!! That is why it is very important to have Christ as the head of your life! I am praying for your strength!!!

New Beginnings!!

Hey my "Joyous Fam" I'm so excited to start this musical journey. God is sooooo good, he's blessed me with a wonderful family and an amazing musical team. We have so much in store for God's kingdom and the best is yet to come. Please tell a friend to tell a friend about the amazing music that God has blessed us with, and we'll continue to do our job by bringing you uplifting music. Until my next blog post, God Bless you all!