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Sidebar Today!

Haven't posted in awhile so there is a lot to catch up on. A Huge thank you to everyone who came out the Velvet Lounge a few weeks back and supported Dozer, NiteOwl, Wise Eyes, and Dirty Wizard. We had a great time and NiteOwl will be back at the Velvet Lounge Wenesday June 6th with Technicians, Wise Eyes, and Nine Finger Discount. NiteOwl is playing tonight at Sidebar in Baltimore and I mean, what could be more exciting than a Monday show at the Sidebar?!?!?! We would like to dedicate our performance tonight to Bill Olden of Dozer who passed away Wenesday. He was an incredible musician and a great guy in general. He will truly be missed by his friends and fellow musicians.

Hey!!! A show!

Dozer, NiteOwl, Wise Eyes, and Dirty Wizard are gonna be tearin it up at the Velvet Lounge in DC this Thursday night!! Doors are at 7:30pm and the show starts at 9pm!! 10 bucks for you 18+ peeps and 8 dollars for 21+. You got the details, you now have no excuse to not come. Don't even try it.........just come to the fucking show :)

Blogs are gay

I believe it is finally time to enter the world of band blogging. I'm not exactly sure what to talk about but I doubt many people read this stuff so here we go. First order of bizzyness, our debut EP "Entertain the Thought" was released on April 19th on Robonation Records. Robonation was fantastic throughout the whole process of recording and mixing. So a very sincere thank you goes out to our engineer/producer Matt Toohey and all of Robonation. In order to support the release we have a butt load of shows in the D.C. Baltimore area now through the summer, check out our schedule for specifics. We have been getting a lot of support from everyone lately. Venues and auidiences have given nothing but positive vibes and it encourages us to keep pushing our music to as many people as possible. So thank you all!!!!! So you at a show.