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Its too hot today LOL

Hello everyone! Hope you all are staying cool and out of the heat!!! I was listening to all of the previous work i have released and heard how it has all grew and got wayy better!! So the next project ill be working on will be extremely amazing on all forms! So if you have any types of ideas you would like to here, such as...( funk -electronic - rock - jazzy - etc, just message me and let me know! BTW we have some new merchandise in the reverbnation store so check it out and help spread the word!!! :) Also if you havent checked out the new album "DDM" download it NOW on iTunes! at this link... http://itunes.apple.com/album/id853280517

Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay cool...jump in a pool if you can haha later! :)

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Let the Rant begin!

Ok everyone the rant starts...... NOW! Just say what ever the fuck is on your mind! hash tag it #thekwrant on twitter and i will retweet what ever you post! One more time my twitter name is @khan1won GO!

Y'all ready for this?!

#tumblr #folow #me #Fun #drinking #ciroc All day today I am gonna sip that ciroc and .. Rant...aha yes just very buzzed and say what TF i feel!!!!!!! check it out on twitter@khan1won

Gooood morning everyone!

Good morning everyone! Hope you all are well on this sunny friday morning! For those that are parting tonight... cheers! Take a shot for me! Im proud to say thanks to your help and support we have made it to #1! I wont let you guys down, Still got a lot of work to do but ill get it done! BTW we are now on iTunes Ill post a link under this that will take you straight to it! So help me spread the word and share the link on your pages! Once again thank you so much -Khan Won


Chart Topper!

WOW I am moving fast up the charts I started off ass number 500 and now I am already down to #31! Thank You to everyone who supports and helps Spread the word! We are almost at #1!!!!! Lets do it -Lov ya

Thank You!

Yes! I can see more and more ppl are downloading my songs! #thankyou to everyone that supports! I wont let you down more to be coming soon along with the new album! #newmusic Have a great day! -Khan Won


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