With-Out Goat - Better Than Never

and here we are to make you dance out

take the gun with the clap eyes your face front of me


everybody start to shout

cross the line in every corner

nevermind, all of burden can kill you


and everybody start to shout

we need to live a life, suicide's not the answer

let's keep and save your mind, we still have faith

towards a better life, will not harm anyone

don't be affraid to fight, keep to step forward

burn...out..the lights

the darkness will lose and die

thought not as hard as rocks,not powerful like storm

we'll keep the strength for you and me,look the shadow of behind you

I still believe about the change,and keep depend about the truth

wake up and feel the air, find the way where you go

what did you stand for my friend

will never be in vain

With-Out Goat - With-Out Goat

Greeting of peace to all!!

No need to riot,only cause hostility

unnecessary violence,only cause revenge

unnecessary war,only cause chaos

open your eyes,open your mind

open your heart,open your soul

we are freedom not bound by the system

and be together....


we are only getting lost in the maze,there still ways to get out

fighting and don't give up until death comes,bring your spirit

truth is stranger than the fiction.....

why we are so proud about darkness?

isn't light that will illuminate us?

why we are so proud of their worship?

isn't only God who will save us?