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Poetry in Motion

Music is like expressing emotions directly without the need of words for someone to interpret, though words are equally important. But the beauty of music is that it crosses all language barriers, thought barriers, and speaks directly to the human heart, a painter of sonic frequencies. Words can be thought of as a cup, and music, the ocean, We attempt to capture the ocean with our words, but the vast array of the whole musical context takes a picture of the ocean. Seeing us live is akin to experiencing the ocean directly, when was the last time you felt the ocean flow through you, washing through you, releasing you from the burden of carrying the world upon your shoulders? Born afresh, see anew, if you allow it, the music will release you and allow you to see colors so vibrant, so colorful, the blade of grass will sparkle with the life that inhabits us all. Poetry in motion, everything we do is poetic from our simple rocking and funky songs to the longer and deeper improv songs. We like to mix it up to paint a picture, painting with words and sonic frequencies, all equally important. Can you guess the picture we paint at our next performance?


Out and about

We are finally getting back out and having fun playing live after a long hiatus looking for a drummer. Now we are looking for our final piece, the mighty bassplayer, but that hasn't stopped us before ;). Will you ride with us as we share our stories of human triumph, despair and everywhere inbetween?


The Sky is the Limit!

Things are starting to take off for us and we are exstatic! Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have our first full raw CD recorded and mastered by Blind Cryplt n Kra-Z Records. Thanks for the support everyone has giving us. Check out our free show at Max Canada on the July 12th and you might get a surprise :-)