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Hard at work

Jonathan, Rocko and I just spent a very productive day at Studio Bohemo. Wes Chapmon is busy massaging our recordings into listenable things, and if we're not careful, there'll be a Rick Clogston Band CD available before very long. Stay tuned for more updates.

Big small plans

Okay, big for us, but happy to still be small enough to do this kind of stuff the way we like it. Been talking with Wes at Studio Bohemo up in Woodsville, NH about doing some recording. Yeah, it's the 21st century and Rocko's got a 16-track DAW, but it would be nice to just walk in, grab a guitar, and play and let somebody else worry about how to make a CD out of it. Hoping to get started sometime in January.

Also, a friend of ours, David Suitor (who is a very fine professional photographer, btw) has offered to do a video session with us. We're also going to try and get that going in January. So stay tuned. You may have more ways to see and hear us before very long.

Don't forget to go to RockoMusic.com for all the latest on us and everybody else that Rocko plays with. I keep telling him to start a record label with all the great acts he plays with, and he says if I give him a million dollars he might just do that. So much for that idea.

Sneaking into the 21st Century

Back in the day we dreamed of a time when anyone, from anywhere, could make a quality recording of their music and have it available for their fans. I'll bet I've met a thousand people over my musical life who've said something like; "Why aren't you rich and famous?" Unfortunately, not one of those people owned a record company. And now that day is finally here! Anybody can do a CD-quality recording, and equip a small studio with all manner of high-tech gear for relatively little money. Plus, you can make your own copies of these recordings and have them available at your performances. The one downside to all this is, so can everybody else. And so, in a very important way, we're back to square one. How can one single artist or act stand out from the thundering herd? In short, where are the shortcuts? And the answer, once again, is simply that there aren't any. Either you're good enough to stand out on merit, or you're not. And by "good," that can mean good as far as quality, or good as far as hustle. Some acts are just better at self promotion than others, even if they're not as good musically. Anyone ever heard of Kiss? Nothing against Kiss, I like 'em too, but they got discovered by the public because they insisted on being discovered. They made themselves into a spectacle that nobody could ignore. So I guess the rest of us just need to keep putting ourselves out there and hope that we will attract attention on our merits. And with that, I say hello to the rest of ReverbNation. I would also like to invite you to my other blog: panstand.blogspot.com