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Shit's been busy. Its been hard to get out to play lately but very soon that will be changing and things will be freeing up. So, be sure to keep checking. Word up!


Hmm.. haven't blogged in awhile. Let's keep it that way...

Beat Kitchen tonight!!!

Wednesday, May 1st! Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL. 8pm.

Interview With A Beer With The Band


Fitzgeralds 3/19 @ 9pm

The Tornaparts will be tearing it up at Fitzgeralds in Berwyn, IL

Quenchers 1/31

The Tornaparts @ Quenchers. Come out and see what all the lack of buzz is about!

Martyrs 01/05/13

The Tornaparts will be rocking Martyrs on 1/5/13. See ya there daddy-o!

Quenchers 11/28

The Tornaparts will be at Quenchers Saloon on 11/28. Fun for all ages 21 and over.

Tonight! Music and stuff!!

The Tornaparts @ Red Line Tap. 11pm. Sloppy music for sloppy drunks.


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