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Demo Finally!

Okay, the demo is up at reverbnation.com for FREE download! Share the love with everyone you know :) Merry Christmas!!

Battle o' the Bands this Sat Jul 7th!!!

At In the Venue. $8 in advance, $10 at the door. We've got t-shirts -- we feel like a real band! ;) Come out and rock out with the best bands in the area!

On a train...

Got this as a text from McRae today: "So I get on the train this am...heading to work, next to this kid wearing earbuds and staring at the floor...he looks kind of familiar so I shouted "hey man, how's it going?" he takes his earphone out, nods at me, then eyes the ground again, not saying a word...so I say "where do I know you from?" and he says "aren't you in Eyes Open?" and I remember seeing him Sat before last. I say, "yeah, man, that's right. I saw you at MusicGarage." He says, "Yeah, you guys rocked!" I've ben smiling about it all day."

Just wanted to say thank you and props to the people who are supporting us!

Musicgarage MS Fundraiser

Was totally awesome. We had a great time playing and listening to the other amazing bands. Looking forward to rocking out with everyone again soon!

Online vs Real Life

Ever wonder why you spend so much time filling out stuff online instead of actually playing out live in front of real people? I feel like I may as well be playing a video game. :( GTFO! Go out, meet people, Rock TF out!