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Band Members

I have created all of my work, played the guitar/keyboard/programmed all of the drums and bass etc. I sing all of the vocals, and have recorded and published all from my lounge room PC. A mate has played bass for me on most tracks, can you guess which ones ?

Video Release

I Remember video is finally released to all my fans. Hope you enjoy. Much lubz n respect.


It's a great pleasure for me to actually have FANS. I am stoked that you all like what I do, and what I write about. To all of my FANS... I am your FAN because I really enjoy what you've created. Keep it all going on, and always love what you were born to do. Together we have made the world a better place through the universal language of music. A place where we can express our most inner thoughts and emotions, in a way that would ordinarily be hard to convey. "We write music about our life's experiences, and it is our life experiences that write our music". Live long, and prosper. Regan