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"Leave it Behind" Lyrics

"Leave it Behind"

VERSE I. In a room full of strangers, you piss inside your mind, sitting next to no one, leave it all behind.

VERSE II. Man in the mirror his eyes are wrought with pain, his face looks so familiar but I can't recall his name.

CHORUS Take it break it just see what you find, you cannot take it with you, so leave it all behind.

VERSE III. Is painting by the numbers, the blind leading the blind, you're asleep behind the wheel so leave it all behind.

VERSE IV. This world become so lost now, I'm the last one of my kind, as I dance between the raindrops and leave it all behind.

CHORUS Take it, fake it, and see what you find. You cannot take it with you, just leave it all behind.

"UnRaveled" Lyrics


VERSE I. There's a light that's shining, brilliant hue. Always been there, guiding you. Dogs roads of life, still you see. It's deep in your heart, and down on your knees.

VERSE II. Chaotic scenes, of selfish ways. Grand illusion, emotions Hayes. Dark seclusion, cuz we all play to win. Hell on earth you'll build within.

CHORUS I won't follow, so just let me be. I don't need your kingdom ski, behind the curtain hypocrisy! Your world won't, unravel me!

VERSE III. Just accept what you see or choose to be free, your world won't, unravel me.

Just accept what you see or choose who to be, your world won't, unravel me.

Just accept what you see, or write your plane eulogy, your world won't, unravel me!

CHORUS I won't follow just let me be. I don't need, your kingdom ski. Behind the curtain, hypocrisy! And your world won't, ever, unravel me...


"Shades of Blue" Lyrics

"Shades of Blue"

VERSE I. I've got shades of blue, taken tolls on me, I've got shades of you, eating away at me. Alone I'm still standing with your hues all over me.

VERSE II. I've got shades of blue, honey you'll never see and shades of you, just won't let me be. She is gone gone, all alone I stand, just wish she'd let me be.

VERSE III. I've got a job to do, then she'll let me be, it's time now this I know, long gone is you and me.

OUTRO I. Never break my heart again, no more you hurting me.

OUTRO II. She will not betray any other man, not lying 6 feet under me.

"The Gypsy Bone" Lyrics

"The Gypsy Bone"

VERSE I. Gonna take this train, and get out of town, got to lose this pain that's bringing me down, it's tearing me down.

VERSE II. Gotta roll on where no one knows my name, got to get gone cuz nothing stays the same, I destroyed everything.

VERSE III. Well I could say I'm sorry girl, that I ever made you cry. But I wouldn't change one thing, baby I'm going to tell you why.

VERSE IV. Baby I told you when we first met, someday I'd leave you alone. But you chose to come with me anyways, so stop throwing your fucking stones.

VERSE V. My lifes written on this page, I've waited so long. To take the stage, and sing my song, sing this song.

VERSE VI. All on my own this life I choose, with this gypsy bone I'll play the blues I live the blues.

VERSE VII. Wondering, rambling, rolling on, it just feels wrong to stay. I'll see you somewhere down the line, or somewhere along the way.

VERSE VIII. And I will play the blues for you baby, and maybe we can get it on. I leave this Red House as bold as love, and I leave with my Gypsy Bone!

The Gypsy Bone Set List June 11th

Set List For June 11th (FINAL COPY)

1) Cottonflower Shuffle

2) Fool for your Stockings

3) Little Wing/Voodoo Chile {Slight Return}

4) Leave it Behind

5) The Gypsy Bone

6) Shades of Blue

7) UnRaveled

"Little Eyes"

"Little Eyes"

Say farewell say your goodbyes,

To those who loved you If only for a while

Who stood there by you while in disguise

Just one more look Oh Little Eyes

Verse 1

She was only 4 years old my daughter said to me

Just a little baby And old enough to see

You always get so mad, And yell at my mommy

Always yelling at mommy..

Verse 2 Days turn 2 weeks, months into years

Where you been daddy for so so long?

I have no words left testified my tears,

How could I even stay? that's the only thing worse


Say farewell Final goodbye

Those who just loved you, If only for a while,

Is still there by you, While in disguise,

Take one last look, In those Little Eyes

Verse 3

I couldn't stay with you, It wasn't my time,

The effect of the cause, No asking no asking me why,

I did it for the two of you, And your Little Eyes


Say farewell, Final goodbye,

When we were a family , Just for a while,

Live in a tale, Fictional lives,

Forgive me, my children, Forgive me Little Eyes

Forgive me, my babies, Oh Please .....Little Eyes

For me.. Little Eyes

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