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Nick Groff Presents "Drinks on Me" Tour

Hard Rock Boston, MA Featuring Live Performances by:


Danny Bedrosian (Keyboardist for Parliament Funkadelic / Secret Army)

The American Symphony of Soul

R&B ( Rhythm & Beats)


Less-on, Nick Groff

We are Extremely Excited to ANNOUNCE Less-on website & Bottle Poppin Video off his new EP album, "Drinks On Me". Check it out and pre-order your copy today. Album comes out Nov. 11th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVDzBpjZp30 www.LessonGE.com

Nick Groff Presents: LESS-ON: Drinks On Me

NEW EP album hits stores Nov. 11th! Get your copy today! http://dannybedrosian.com/LESSON.html


Groff Entertainment just signed Less-on to his record label. Coming soon Less-on's new EP Album "Drinks On Me"

Nick Groff's music page on reverbnation

Hey Everyone! We hope you love Nick's two debut albums, The Other Side, and Spiritual War: Good Vs. Evil! Please let us know your favorite three songs from each album! We love to hear from you! Thanks for the continued support!

Adrianna Gibson
Adrianna Gibson  (over 4 years ago)

Hey Nick, my favorite three songs from The Other Side are "Energy", "What's Next" and "Possession". For Spiritual War: Good vs. Evil, my three favorite songs are "Another Day", "Drift Away", and "Tears". Your music is awesome, keep it up!