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This music game is so full of drama..its like once people see other people trying to elevate themselves, they try to hold them back just because they cant elevate themselves. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

But its coo tho doing what were doing got us this far, so were gonna stay on the grind with this music.


Thursday October 25th and we are rank 80 in hip hop. We hope to keep climbing up the ladder.

Sacramento Hip Hop Charts

Were rising on the Sacramento hip hop charts, today we are 452, yesterday we were 933, and the day b4 we were 1071, Suaves on the rise!

update #2

'Your touch" is available in the reverb store for 1.99 as a ringtone check it out

updates #1

New song called "after party" up rite now go show some love to it also check out "Your touch" currently bien sold for 1.99 as a ringtone

Team Suave

everybody come support So Suave, show love and help get the Suave train rolling real talk