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Feeling weird

Lets try something new. How about write a sad song on valentines day. Thoughts?

Comming back

Slowly updating my profile and adding some new songs. Give them a click and write me a message or a comment. Tell me what you think

The cec performance

the campus performance was a success..

Hello campus

im preparing for my first acoustic performance at our college campus.. for any suggestions on what to play message me :) tc everyone godbless

ill be gone for a while

my college schedule has been pulling me away from my music .. but priorities are priorities , school comes first..

i would still write songs while im away tc everyone godbless

meet the "Ampo Brothers "

About Officially formed May 4, 2013. Dan Ampo of the Sound Check band and Songwriter Ace Ampo decides to form an acoustic band consisted of people from Tacloban City, Philippines. Loves Pizza, Barbecue, Hot girls, and Loves MUSIC. Description Members: Ace Ampo - Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Producer Dan Ampo - Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, The guy who owns the computer used for recording. Band Interests Making music, loving music

Hello Tacloban city

while i was playin with my couzin dann @ tacloban city I found out that people there are more open minded when it comes to music ... they listen and if they like it they listen to it again .. I also met great musicians there who really have a passion for music and songwriting.. I think there's a bigger future for music there... no need to travel to cebu or manila ..

The Experiment E.P (Mmind)

hopefully we will be able to release our ep this december.. it will be available at a very low price... our Studio sessions will start next week..



time to get away from school and work... and also a great time to get more ideas for songwriting

youtube channel (coming soon)

heres the link to my youtube channel which im still working on.. ill be uploading some new videos soon...