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Help us make our new record with producer Mitch Easter! We have a $4,000 goal, and we only receive it if we meet it by January 10th. Even pledging a $1 donation is another step to reaching our goal, so anything at all helps! Tell your friends, family, anyone at all. Watch the video, read about the project, check out the rewards, and spread the word. The most important thing to know is that whatever you pledge, your transaction will only go through if the goal is met and after the goal is met, it won't go through until January 10th the earliest so it certainly won't disrupt your holiday shopping!


Beautiful Noise is here!

Starting Monday, 4/14/08, AFT's new album, titled Beautiful Noise, will be available for download on myspace.com/afragiletomorrow and afragiletomorrow.com! The 11 track set was produced by Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris) and features appearances by Peter Holsapple and Susan Cowsill. Stay tuned for more info on the CD release!