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ONE WORD!!! L U S I T O!!! Listen Up everybody, SubW00Fa Is performing on the TWENTY NINTH OF APRIL 2012 AT SIX PM!!! Anyone and EVERY1 that has any taste in music should come to Lusito Land in the south of Joburg!!

DJ CHADO *From 4 corners* shall also be GRACING us with his presence on stage so ANYONE and EVERY1 that knows about this FANTASTIC DJ ****PULL IN**** MEET the guys, dancers and GET SEEN____***** AS THE WHOLE THING WILL BE ON UP ON YOUTUBE!!!*****_____

THERES GREAT food, AMAZING DRINKS (Anyone who's been there knows what i'm talking about) and a ROCKING CROWD!! so PLEASE COME SUPPORT!!!


HEY PPL!! be SURE to check out TAME TIMES' NEXT ISSUE! there will be a full article about SubW00Fa letting all of you know who we are, what we do, and what YOU can do to be in our NEW MUSIC VIDEO! so MAKE SURE, AND CHECK IT OUT!! PEACE!!

Up And Running

Hey PPL SubW00Fa is officially online! So please take a look at the various songs we have provided for streaming and downloads! ENJOY