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One of those in between periods...

I keep listening back to "old" stuff. Materials that been collecting dust since I tired of it and moved on at some stage over the past few year. Buckets full of the stuff!

Some of it is garbage. Straight in one ear and out onto an archive DVD. Some of it is earlier versions of stuff. Interesting, but hey, archive again!

The really frustrating stuff is the material where I think "a bit of work and I'd be happy with that" but there's too much of it and I don't know where to start!

Some changes would be quite minor, others would require re-doing large portions of the song and I have a real dilemma in that I'm a "when it starts to need thinking about its finished" sort of guy.

Oh well, lets hope I live to 100 and never have a new creative idea during those years. That way I may have time to revisit it else you gonna have to wait for some kind of retrospective collection ;-)

Night people.


Wiblur  (over 4 years ago)

Man, yeah, back catalogues - what do you do with them? Brilliant at the time, maybe still brilliant now, but still just memories...

keep it rocking in your own rather unique way dude

Masters back

got the masters back for keith yesterday, sounding good! Apparently the registrations for the songs are being done as we speak - remember you need to register them in order to pick up radio and other royalties over and above simple sales and this is where your long term income lies!

Release date will be announced in the next few days and then attention will return to finishing the songs I put together for FAWM (http://fawm.org) for a summer album release.

Keep happy folks and if you can't then at least keep dry


OK, having hmm'd and ahh'd for a while we finally have the final mix of the four songs that are going on our first EP and a running order. Starting with ulikethat, then silly bubu, god is on the case and finally bear in the woods Mixes are much heavier in some ways than those up here. Sounding cool! Materials off to be mastered tomorrow and release date will be announced shortly. We we told we had to call the EP something, name it after a song or whatever, so we chose keith. So here's to Keith, coming soon!

Krackpot  (almost 5 years ago)


Enjoying myself here

Late night sunday type thing which I though, seeing as I had it open, I'd dump in this here RN blog thing.

Only been here about 5 weeks and I must admit I'm really loving it. I've "discovered" so much good music that I'm starting to seriously lose track no matter how much I try to "record" who and what I've been listening to.

New song

Well 2 nights messing around and another crap song takes shape. Going up on soundcloud until we decide what to do with it - hint, search for squizzercrow ;-)

ttfn jSQUIZZ


well here i am all energised and the like listening to new stuff from the past few weeks - Wobble and Levene's EP and Mark Stewart's The Politics of Envy - before settling down to start recording another classic piece of lofi shit in a mo.

Life's good here. Same with you? Hope so and if not, remember it could always be worse, you could be reading someother crap on tinterweb!

Krackpot  (almost 5 years ago)

"Worse, how could it be worse? Jehovah, Jehovah" ;-)