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Update on recordings

Hi my friends!!

I have been promising my fans a new EP. Here is what is happening.

Even though the economy is poor and so is my bank account ( I was laid off last December, mercy me), I am making solid plans to record once the economy shifts and I go back to work. In between assorted panic attacks, I am working on arrangements, writing, and lining up musicians. Here is what I have planned:

I am creating a no holds bar EP--meaning full orchestration on each track. I am taking my time with each song and working with very fine musicians, such as Manda Mosher of Red Parlor Records (harmonica, vocals), Joe Bethancourt of White Tree Productions ( banjo, mandolin), Mary Mananini, a classically trained pianist, Mary Godfrey, a veteren pro bassist, and my engineer Thaddeus Rose on various instruments. I am also arranging for a lead guitarist, and various string instruments and flute.

Anyway, here is a run down on songs:

When I am With You (re-mixed and shorten--will now have drums, bass and flute in addition to guitar and piano)

Hear My Song--which I have performed live on KKNT--this a blues/Americana number--

Motherland (written by Natalie Merchant)--this is a traditional Americana song

You Should Know--a folk rock/adult contemporary pop song

Always There--a folk rock/adult contemporary pop song

Be Happy, Be whole--folk rock-- (very strong message song)

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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Patricia was laid off from her job full-time job in December of 2008 as part of the "economic crisis." She is asking her fans and friends to make a donation, so she can keep a roof over her head and food in the fridge. Here's how you can help: 1. Donate $15 or more and receive an autographed copy of the full-length CD As Simple as it Seems. 2. Donate between $5-14 and receive 3 MP3s! 3. Donate between $1-4 receive 1 MP3!

Please visit www.PatriciaSilverberg.com/Donations/htm

Thank you!

Back to the Studio

Hello my friends!!

Been a while since I have blogged. I have not only had to deal with economic issues as I was laid off nearly 6 months ago, but still dealing with issues from a concussion I recieved when I hit my head while picking up a guitar pick--crazy but true. But anyway, I finally landed a new writing contract and and my head is almost healed, so now it is time to get back to business.

Within the next 6-8 weeks I am returning to the studio to work an exciting new EP. I plan to team up with my engineer/co-producer Thaddeus Rose and Mary Godfrey will return on bass. I am working with a new keyboardist and drummer. Plus, I am going to add some lead guitar, flute, and few more surprises. Manda Mosher of Red Parlor Records will be joining the team to add her sultry voice and fabulous harmonica riffs.

I am re-working "When I am with You" to add drums, bass and flute. I am also shortening the song so it can get more radio play. It all ready revieved radio play in NY and CA and appears on 2 compliations. Now it is time to take the song further.

I am also recording "Hear My Song," a catching blues number that I have performed on KKNT's Arizona Music Cafe and at my live shows. Plus, I am adding 3 new songs.

Anyway, I hope you can support my efforts my considering purchasing my full-length CD, As Simple as it Seems, or just downloading a song or two on iItunes, Napster, emusic, etc.

Thanks for reading.

As Simple as it Seems

Hear me on these radion stations!

Hey friends!!

My music is moving beyond the borders of Arizona, and I my songs can be heard on several radio stations across the country.

Here's an alphabetical list of where you can hear me. Shows are available either in streaming audio or podcasts.

Arizona Music Cafe: I performed 2 songs live and was interviewed on 9/7/08. The podcast and behind the scene pictures are still available at www.azmusiccafe.com.

Celebrate Radio: 24/7 international positively music radio with a uniquely uplifting mix of music. Several of my songs are in their rotation. Check it out at www. celebrateradio.com

NetteRadio: The best in women's indie music from punk to piano. This show broadcasts live from L.A. every Wednesday. The 10/1/08 broadcasts features my song "When I am with You" and the 11/19 broadcast features "Honest Grace." Podcasts are still available at www.Netteradio.com

Radio Crystal Blue: Live from NY!! Radio Crystal Blue is a freeform radio show that presents an outstanding collection of indie/underground/nationally touring acts from most genres and many locales. I have been featured numerous times including 10/26/08, 9/14/08 (Future Stars Segment), 8/03/08, 4/06/08, 2/24/08, 9/07/07. Some podcasts are still available at www. radiocrystalblue.com

WomensRadio on Live 365!: WomensRadio features the finest Independent Female Musicians the world has to offer in every style & genre. My song "Please Forgive Me" is currently on their playlist. Check out http://www.live365.com/stations/womens_radio?site=pro.

I want to thank all the wonderful hosts and the behind the scene folks for these wonderful opportunities: Annette Conlon of NetteRadio who is a wonderfully positive person, Brian Ball of Women's Radio for creating such a fantastic network, Erich Sielaff of AZ Music Cafe for creating a great show for the locals, the fantastic Dan Herman of RCB (he is such a great guy), and my fabulous fearless leader, Madalyn Sklar of GoGirls Music for helping me find opportunities and just a lot of TLC--'cuz she rocks!!

Please vote no on Prop 102

Hello my friends!!

For all those living in my home state of AZ, please consider voting no on prop 102!!

Prop 102 is discriminatory and against the constitution. Our country was founded on separation of church and state as well as equality. Prop 102 imposes religious values on to others and is full of bigotry and hatred.

So I ask you put aside what the media and religion has taught you and consider the real people. We all deserve happiness and love, please don't don't take that away from us!!!

If have taken the time to get to know me and have read my profile, you have figured out by now that I am a Lesbian. I feel as if God made me that way. I would consider myself as an average American and good person -- I have 2 jobs, I pay my taxes, I abide by the law, I treat people with respect , compassion and kindness.

I deserve to have a wife and family and to be happy. Being gay is natural and beautiful. We are the ones who are truthful and loving. We look beyond societies imposed values and live are lives in truth.

recordings postponed

Oh, the engine on my car died. I feel like it lied. It seemed so strong and would last so long. It didn't. Now I am broke and need to buy a new one, how fun, fun, fun. I still owe the man money on the ol' clunker, oh mother, &&&&&&%^%^

You can fill in the rest.

So, no recordings folks. I'll be out gigging some more, so check the calender for new dates. Don't forget to tip : ).

New recordings on their way!

Hello my friends!!

Excitement is in the air!!! As many of you know, I perform regularly as large out door venues such as WestGate City Center and Desert Ridge. Plus, I have done special events for places like the Cities of Glendale and Phoenix. Since these venues have a tons of kids and such, I tend to play a lot of upbeat pop songs. Within the last few months, I debuted new songs--A Gift of Pure Light, Always There, and Hear My Song--and the response has been overwhelming positive--kids dancing, the press taking pictures of me, adults cheering. So, I am heading to the studio this September to begin recording these songs. I intend to go above and beyond my first CD, As Simple as it Seems, to make these fully arranged songs--acoustic and electric guitar, live drums, keyboards, bass, harmonies, and strings-it is going to be no holds bar. I also plan to re-record "When I am with You" (which is my favorite song) to add more instruments and fix the tempo.

My first CD was a learning experience and was under a extremely tight budget. Since I was new to recording, nothing was done in 1 take except for one lyric and one guitar part. I am very proud of the work and get positive feedback at coffee houses and listening rooms for my mellow folk songs--and radio play. I learned a ton about arrangements from my talented co-producer, Thaddeus Rose, and from Laura Sawosko, who played piano and keyboards. Now, I am taking that knowledge and moving to the next level. I am very excited as I making plans.

The EP will be a limited release and eventually be used in my next full-lenght CD--probably 2-3 years for that. It takes me over 3 months to write a song once I am inspired to write one--and not every one makes it out of my living room.

Anyway, so there will less performances this fall as I take time to record---but I am still here!!