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Artist Karma by The Institution/Chapter Two "Prima Donnas that Blow Balls"

This week in the second installment of Artist Karma we want to talk about bands that label venues which require a pre sale to cover costs "pay to plays". First off the entire music industry is different and has changed drastically from the old days. The music industry has been destroyed by those who profess to love it. Everyone that has sanctioned illegal downloads 10 years ago has utterly ruined the music industry and put millions out of work. Everyone professed to "love music" but the cheap ass motherfuckers then refused to drop $10 for a CD to support their favorite artist; instead the so called music lovers opted to rob the artists. So here we are as musicians hoping to make a living from music but getting robbed by the very people we seek support from. Now then, how do we make money and gain a following in the music industry? We cultivate a great underground following over time through gigging and reaching out to people. Pre sale is necessary and is a great tool for artists to do this. It also helps keep the venue that you're playing at open, pays the sound guy and door guy, etc... Why wouldn't you wasn't to lock in 10 or more people through pre sale to come see you play all whilst keeping the venue happy by supporting them and getting in good standing when you show you can pull a crowd? To the bands that wine and complain about pre sale (and usually play at places where they draw nobody anyway) who the fuck are you playing for? Yourselves isn't a good answer either because you can do that elsewhere (yo mammas house where you still live perhaps). Stop complaining about "pay to plays" and start selling tickets and gain a loyal following through the foot work that you'll need to do or just gig at yo grandma's house and stop messing it up with the venues for the rest of us. Why are you acting like Prima Donnas who are you Pearl Jam or something? Tighten up. It's not a pay to play it's an agreement from the artist to bring in fans so that the venue can continue booking bands.

Artist Karma by The Institution/Chapter one "Support your own kind son"

Greetings Fellow Artists, Are you supporting your own kind? Are you getting out and going to any local shows at all? In fact, when was the last time you went out to support a local band? I'd be willing to bet that many of you have not been out to do that in a very long time. Let's examine this for just a minute shall we? If you play shows you know how hard it is to get people to come out and support..... Gone are the days of old where people used to go out on a Friday to their local pub/venue and listen to the great local rock lineup that was playing. The internet, cellphones, television, and social media have killed those days. Now it seems we have to call in favors of friends and family to even get people out to shows? The questions is "how can we swing things back around as bands?". How can we get people to start coming out again? I believe that answer starts among our own ranks. It's our responsibility as fellow artists to support each other. Go to a friend's show. As artists have we not played with many bands? Pick some you like and get out to their shows. Help plug some local shows of friends on your own social networks. Nobody is saying you have to go listen to some shitty music that is way too load; just pick someone you like and go. Bring some friends. Meet out and have a few drinks and catch someone's set. It isn't a lot to do nor to suggest as its what you'd like to happen at your own shows isn't it? We do it. You should too. Think about it.

After an agressive 2 years of playing shows

Greetings. This is a review of our last 2 years of playing as much as we humanly can: We have gained lots of friends along the way and have experienced some good times. It's mostly important in these times of an over stimulated world that we strive as musicians to 1) play a great show and try to connect with the band at each show and get our music marketed as much as possible. Adds adds adds. This is the most effective thing that we think that you can do as a band in order to get out there and reach people. Otherwise its all just mental masterbation. And keep platting as many shows as you can an engaging people who see you perform. Overall it's been great. Oh and you must get into the studio and record your stuff. That's a whole experience of it's own; to see your music come together like that. IT changes as it comes out...

Make for the village of Bree

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